Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Remember the Forest

So many pretty close guesses in this week’s game, but we’re awarding the prize to the player who came the closest of all. Flake, congratulations! You’ve just won a one-year individual membership in the NGG’s longtime sponsor, the Rice Design Alliance!

Is this place really (as commenter Phil put it) the “MOST. INNOCUOUS. HOME. EVER.”?

Have a look and judge for yourself. There’s no harm in that.


Location: 12102 Pinerock Ln., Memorial Forest
Details: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths; 2,056 sq. ft. on a 12,660-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $410,000
The Scoop: Vintage 1965 brick Ranch with Colonial trimmings, parked at the end of a Memorial Forest cul-de-sac just south of the Memorial City Mall. Parquet, tile, carpet, and hardwood floors; 2-car detached garage. Ditch behind property flows into Buffalo Bayou. On the market since late January; price already cut $15K in mid February.

Way to play the game! Y’all’ll come back for another round next Tuesday, won’t ya?

8 Comment

  • 1965? With those bathrooms? No way!

  • That was my first thought too… I had a buil-in-1965 home in Clear Lake that had the same bathrooms (tile counters, etc.) but not the wall-mounted space heaters. My current built-in-1955 home DOES have the telltale space heaters … did those actually work?

  • Our house in Briarcroft had the wall gas heaters. I loved those things.

  • It may be an “innocuous” house, but isn’t that loads better than a different paint color in every room and hideous bathroom wallpaper to deal with? This house would be easy to move into — everything you already own would work in the spaces.

  • Hmmm – do I have to give the prize back if I was actually thinking “off Reidel” rather than “off Plantation”? Hope not, because my RDA membership just expired & I could use a renewal. (Thanks, Gus!)

    I agree that the bathroom heaters would seem to indicate an older construction date. And the tile sinks, too. The house I grew up in, just a few blocks away and built the same year, had neither.

    LOOOOOOVE the deep window-seat in the den!

  • Re: Bathroom space heaters. I had some in an apartment on Isabella street, many years ago. They work beautifully & heat up the bathroom quickly. (This winter made me look back quite fondly.)

    Not sure about their safety, but the ones in this house are higher up on the wall than the ones I remember. Thus, less likely to make a towel go up in flames…

  • yeah, those old wall heaters are awesome –
    Tried & true, and toast you up on command!

  • My mother’s 1952 tract house in Lake Jackson has one facing the toilet. We only ever used it a few times but it got very warm very fast. I would be worried about burning my head while sitting on the toilet with the ones pictured.

    And yes, these last few weeks I would love to have one in my “modern” house.