Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Other Side of the Tracks

Ready for the answer?

First: Your guesses in this week’s game: Garden Oaks (2 of you), Afton Oaks (3), Boulevard Oaks, Oak Forest (2), “one of those ’Oaks neighborhoods,” “the neighborhood north of I-10 and east of Antoine, across from Woodlawn Cemetery,” West University, Southside Place, Meyerland, Briar Forest, Bunker Hill, Briargrove, Tanglewood, Highland Village, “Stella Link around 610,” Montrose south of Westheimer, Bellaire (2), Spring Branch, Lazybrook, Timbergrove Manor, Lynn Park (2), Southampton, Knollwood Village, Westbury, Braes Heights, “Galleria area, behind Bechtel, between Sage and Yorktown,” “that area north of Westheimer between Tanglewilde and Briargrove,” “anywhere in the swath ranging clockwise from I-10 and Wirt up to between 290 and 45,” “off the northern parts of Bingle,” Idylwood, “near the ‘pasture land’ in SW Houston,” and Linkwood Park.

Two of you were right! First up was this week’s runner-up, JT, who called the place a

1950’s ranchette in Lynn Park two or three blocks from the epicenter of Drexel and Alabama. Nice blend of the old and new.

First prize, though, goes to this better explained entry from Mike V:

Originally I thought Afton Oaks, but the dining area view with the work shed in the backyard and no obvious view of any other homes in the background makes me think it is down the road on the other side of the train tracks in Lynn Park.

Congratulations! And really, smart and entertaining guesses all around. A little more detail about this week’s showcase:


Location: 3322 Suffolk Dr., Lynn Park
Details: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath; 1,507 sq. ft. (1,286 according to HCAD) on a 7,200-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $349,000
The Scoop: 1951 Ranch with recessed lighting and many period details. Oak floors. Game Room adjacent to Kitchen has knotty pine paneling. No garage. Large back yard has storage shed; backs up to train tracks, high-voltage power lines, and Afton Oaks. Dining Room chandelier and Hallway sconces not included. On the market since just before Valentine’s Day. Price cut twice in April, a total of $20K.

Oh, you just knew it, didn’t you? You’ll do much better in our next round, then — next Tuesday!

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  • “No garage. Large back yard has storage shed; backs up to train tracks, high-voltage power lines”

    Is squeezing in the large back yard and storage shed description supposed to play down the no garage, train tracks and power lines?

  • Still love this house, RR tracks and all. Couldn’t resist – did a little research on the sellers. Turns out they are in that 30-something range, although I’m not sure “aging hipster” is the right description. She’s in real estate and he’s a banker, best I can tell, and their growing family has outgrown this 3-1 1500 sq ft jewel. She comes from a long line of Houstonians which could explain some of the more “classic” pieces of furniture (and perhaps the barrel in the living room and the old map by the wet bar?). I felt a little stalkerish looking this up, but we had such fun speculating about the sellers I thought y’all would like to hear more…

  • Truthfully, the RR Tracks don’t bother me either and the issues with power lines is very much over hyped. You can’t get sick from high voltage power lines unless you keep your head within 3 feet of the actually line for days on end. People that have taken physics in high school should know that!

    So with that, this house is really nice!

    The garage may be an issue, but it can be dealt with.

  • well, maybe I get the prize for pegging the homeowners as 30-something luddites! Love that additional background, Jessica1!

  • Jessica – you’re a gal after my own heart. I’ve oftentimes said I had the memory (and google abilities) of a stalker! I still can’t reconcile their decor with their age group – especially that bedspread……

  • What a hoot!

    CiCi and I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments. Especially about the “fuddy duddy” furniture and balding grandpa.

    We chose this house because it was so original. It’s our style and had not been monkeyed with too much over the years. Right now, we’re upgrading to a tankless hot water heater and have pulled the rear cover down. Like most good projects, there is always something to do.

    Jessica1 did well. CiCi is with Greenwood King and I do marketing/branding for Green Bank. We’ve got two daughters (5 and 3) and probably outgrew the house the house three years ago.

    Even with the size/rr/bath/power lines/garage issues, we’ve hung in there as the house is comfortable, the neighborhood is the best and location is perfect.

    Stop by and check it out Saturday between 2 to 4 if you like. I’ll be puttering about and would love to meet some great storytellers.

  • Jeez now I really feel like a stalker. Best of luck with the sale, Mike! So what kind of speakers are those, anyway?

  • In this market, everyone could use a little luck. We’ve had several tire kickers. We’re happy in our little house until then.

    They are Dr. Bruce Edgar prototypes. I heard them for the first time in 1990 in a converted movie theater that was home for Chimera Labs. Dennis Boyle was using the Edgars (the 6’ X 6’ X 3’ bass bins are in storage) to audition direct –coupled tube amps. It was my first experience with quality tube audio and I’ve still not heard equal.

    You’ll notice my audio rack is empty in the photos. My good stuff is with Dennis for a tune-up. Dennis crafts top shelf audio cable. Real good cables and a neat guy.

    Another hobby out of control; I’m lucky CiCi is understanding.

  • Sweet. Heard Pet Sounds on vintage tube amp set-up once, and immediately thought of that ear-opening experience when I saw your audio room – hence my earlier post. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

  • A super album.

    I like early stereo/high fidelity records. A little more predictable/simple–real easy to listen to.

    Try a quality tube mono set up. Altec amp and preamp on Klipsch or EV. So nice.

    I look forward to getting my stuff back soon.

  • This has turned into one the coolest conversations ever in Swamplot history!

  • This comment isn’t very timely anymore, but Gus thought it gave away too much and took it off the NGG post: I knew that was a Greenwood King listing the moment I saw it, because of the weird light and soft, muted colors in the photos. Someone referred to it as an “HDR issue”, but I think the photographer is doing it on purpose–maybe it gives a more romantic flavor to the photos.

    Anyhoo, thanks to Mike for being a good sport. For what it’s worth, I think you have a lovely home, beautiful furniture, and a kick-ass sound system.

  • Mike and CiCi, thanks for being such good sports about this. We’ve never had an actual homeowner (that we knew about, anyway) in our sometimes snarky midst. I’m right there with you on the vinyl and vintage gear. But I’ve seriously gotta ask, how are the acoustics for you in that audio room? It looks awfully long and narrow with lots of hard surfaces. Can you get the amps and speakers up to their sweet spot without it being uncomfortably loud? I’m not being critical, I ask for my own benefit.