Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Walking Distance

Looks like the Guessing Game subject for this round wasn’t quite as popular as last week’s Wylie Vale Contemporary Country home in Katy. But the guesses were better!

Two of you guessed Sharpstown. The rest: Sharpstown/Bellaire, Pearland, Westchase, south of the Westpark Tollway near Highway 6, off Newcastle just south of 59, “anywhere in a wide swath from Westpark [counter]clockwise to 288,” Tanglewilde, around 59 and Beltway 8, the Dairy Ashford corridor, Sagemeadow, “between Bellaire and Harwin; Wilcrest and Kirkwood,” off Fry Rd. north of I-10, “one of the older neighborhoods on the Cinco Ranch side of I-10 around Kingsland or Highland Knolls,” Bear Creek, Katy, Pasadena, Greenspoint, “Sommerset” (Somerset Place on Memorial Dr.?), Atascocita, the Woodlands, Glenbrook Valley, “down I-45 toward Almeda,” “West side south of Buffalo Bayou between Beltway 8 and Highway 6,” Alief, and “somewhere in the stretch of floodplain between League City and La Porte.”

The winner is the reclusive Howard Hughes, for the sufficiently inclusive guess of “the 59/BW8 area.” No one came closer!

An honorable mention goes to Miz Brooke Smith, for these wide-ranging observations (including an equally wide-ranging — but accurate — stab at the map):

How generic can one place get? This could be anywhere, any time between 1979 and 2005. Definitely somewhere flood-prone, given all that room-expanding bias tile. And the wood floors in the bedrooms look suspiciously like laminate. Home-Doodle-special builder’s-grade cabinetry, marbuluxe countertops and molding-less nekkid window frames scream 1980’s el cheapo condo, as does the treeless view out the sliding glass patio doors. But where, oh where could this grim pad be? I will defer to fellow Guessing Game contestants to pin the tail on this donkey that could be anywhere in a wide swath from Westpark [counter] clockwise to 288.

Can we get a little more exact? How about the Northfield Patio Homes, in Fondren Southwest?


Location: 7539 Quail Meadow Dr., Northfield Patio Homes, Fondren Southwest
Details: 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths; 2,446 sq. ft. on a 5,220-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $169,900
The Scoop: Single-story 1978 patio home in close-knit community below Bellfort in Fondren Southwest. Gated entry court; private patio. Large Kitchen; large Master Bath has sunken tub, shower, and separate sinks. Within walking distance of 3 synagogues. $473 annual maintenance fee. Listed since last week.

How did you do this time? As well as you could have? There’s always next week! Clues for that round will be posted on Tuesday.

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  • 3 synagogues? That’s a pretty specific selling point from this realtor!

    I guess you get the pick of the rabbi you like!

  • Yikes. The outside is worse than the inside. Who’da thought that was even possible?

  • toadfroggy beat me to it. That place IS worse from the outside. Gads, what a dreadful house.

  • That is a seriously fugly exterior. I stand by my “dreary, dreary, dreary” from the previous post.

  • Man, I’m glad that white brick went out of style.

  • SHOOT!!! I should have gotten this – I had a cousin who lived on this street for years in a house exactly like this!!! But there’s was a lot prettier. I really blew this big time.

  • I mean – their’s.

    Yes – three synogogues. Actually this is a very interesting place to visit. Not pretty – (love how someone stole my word: fugly) – BUT – this area is a designated place where Orthodox Jews live. They applied for a special license that makes it all one area for purposes of laws to keep the Sabbath. hard to explain. But on Friday nights and Sat mornings – the streets are filled with children and their parents walking to temple. It’s quite festive and people are dressed like you might see in NY areas where the Orthodox live. It’s a very unique and special place in Houston that most people don’t know about. AND it would make a great place to raise wholesome children surrounded by people with strong religous values. I really blew this – I should have known this one!!!!

  • Fugly sums it up!

  • I really enjoyed reading Joni Webb’s info on this area of town! Wouldn’t it be cool to have the Wikimap of neighborhoods – previously suggested – with these sorts of anecdotes and inside stories?!

  • Joni,

    I knew Houston had a nice sized Jewish community, but I never they had such large orthodox one!

    I think it’s pretty cool. I wonder if they advertise in the New York City area to convince people that it’s much better to live down here?

    I’m glad to have them in our city. One more point to show how diverse our community is.

  • The Lubavitch Center (not sure of the actual name of it) opened in that area over 20 years ago and they are pretty active in the community. With increased spirituality in the world today – people seem to be seeking more basic religious customs.

    My daughter’s teacher lives in the neighborhood and I dropped her off one Friday night for dinner and was amazed at the friendliness and activity in the streets. My daughter was too. Very very different than a typical neighborhood. I remember thinking, what a great place to raise a family. NOW, that being said, it really isn’t attractive and being a design freak, I have to live surrounded by beauty!!! hahahah!!!! It really is not a pretty part of town. Interesting, yes! Friendly yes!