Neighborhood Guessing Game: Pink Treasure

What have we here? Another Neighborhood Guessing Game! You in?

You know the rules: Just guess the location of the pictured home. If you guess correctly, you win. If more than one person guesses the correct neighborhood, the player whose guess came with the best explanation wins.

If you know this house already, or if you come across it or its listing while we’re playing, don’t ruin the game for everyone else by posting the answer. Instead, have some fun with it! First, send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing. Then post an incorrect guess just to throw the other players off. If you do a good job with it, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody gets the answer, you could be declared the winner!

What are we playing for this time? Glory. Prizes will be back next week. (Sponsorship slots are still available!)

This week’s property was suggested by a Swamplot reader. Want to see the rest of the photos? You know you do.


Oh, c’mon. You’ve got to know this part of town!

Your guesses belong in the comments. The answer will be revealed . . . Thursday!

Update, 6/18: Is it really . . . here?

Photos: HAR

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  • Wow! Those decorations. My guess is Wilchester.

  • Oh….wow. I think whomever lives here missed the memo that there’s an IKEA just up the road and an update can be had for super cheap. It seems almost as if the wife of a funeral director lives here and she’s brought home many a leftover floral arrangement. Anyway, I think this gem is located somewhere between Wirt and Blalock Roads.

  • ooh, nice. This definitly some area within Meyerland.

  • I’ll guess around Timmons Lane

  • Wow! That is probably the most horrific interior I have ever seen. I know exactly where it is, though. It’s in Willowbend, south of Bellfort, being rented as a movie set for “Priscilla, Queen of The Desert Does Texas”

  • 3060 Locke Lane, River Oaks — this is Aurora’s bedroom from “Terms of Endearment”

  • Nope. It’s Garden Oaks. We are really going to miss Grandma now that she’s gone.

  • Interesting how the living room/den and the bedrooms all have that double window thing going on. It’s probably a biggish one story ranch, but not so MCM that one couldn’t frou-frou it within an inch of its life. Looks like the last big money was spent at least ten years ago, and a lot of that stuff is a lot older than that. Just for fun, let’s put it in Southgate, maybe somewhere near Bellefontaine Street.

  • It has to be somewhere in the lamp district. I counted at least 7 lamps in the living room, and 3 on the kitchen counters. Yikes. I am going to go with Gulf Freeway Oaks near Hobby.

  • OMG! I guess Clear Lake.

  • I feel claustrophic just looking at the picture of the bathroom. Can’t imagine she’s had to share this place with anyone else for a long time. I’ve seen some layouts exactly like that in the older parts of Pearland, so let’s go with that.

  • Single woman? Yes. Older? Yes. Recent immigrant? Possibly. OK, that doesn’t narrow it down.

    70s-80s construction with decent accents: recessed lighting, well taken care of/updated kitchen, tile and carpet flooring…

    I feel like the sliding glass door is the key. Shows it’s either a patio home, apartment, or on a small lot.

    Hell, there’s not even a prize this week. I say Alief, south of Westpark tollway.

  • Whoa…….lawdamighty. Whoof. I can barely make out any distinguishing fixtures to help identify this Dolly Parton paradise. But judging from the bathroom cabinets & hardware, the suspiciously updated-looking kitchen ca. 1990, and the cathedral-ceiling added-on back room (indistinguishable from any *other* room in the house, they do all look alike), I will venture a guess: a ca. 1961 Braeburn Valley West ranchburger, with updates and addition.

  • Let’s see….I’d have to conclude that this rosy cottage is located smack dab in the middle of the Pasadena Arts & Crafts fair, booths 1 – 30.

  • Ouch. My eyes hurt. Anyone want to guess as to if Grandma put some of her kitsch in storage in order to de-clutter the house? What do you think it looks like normally in that case. So her poor 43 yr old son, balding and overweight, will spend 2 weekends in the heat of summer packing all that crap and then unpacking it. He hates mom. She was a little too smothering and this final move is just too much.

    I don’t even know where to begin with a guess. 70’s house, ranch, slightly older trees…off Briar Forest, west of BWY 8, east of Dairy Ashford…seriously isn’t that a fire hazard…

  • wow -i’m intrigued. i know that the majority of the procurement was done in the heights, but where is the house located… i have to go with bellaire ranchburger. and – i want to run the garage sale.

  • Hold on….I need to vomit, and give myself an eye enema.

  • Well I’d rather know who lives here than where this place is! My guess is a 65ish
    bottle blonde with a standing manicure appt
    and a beauty operator named Fern who meticulously backcombs this broad’s hair
    within an inch of its life. She’s a small town gal who came here to find work as a secretary in a Ship Channel industry office or she works the switchboard at a big car dealership.
    The grandkids call her Ammy but she can be a take no prisoners type if JCPenney advertises something and has to offer a raincheck. QVC is a passion since that drunkard husband Merle ran off with some bimbo at Kay Jewelry store in Almeda Mall.

    She worked hard to buy into to Glenbrook Valley back in the day but an ailing daughter with excess weight related diabetes needs her care down in Manvel so she has to sell her showplace.

    Damn that Barbara Jean and her Little Debbies!

  • This is an estate sale waiting to happen. The house looks like a 1950s ranch, and the plethora of tile makes me think it’s in an area prone to flooding. I’m going with Linkwood, south of Braes Bayou.

  • i lived my teen years in a house like this one, minus the entire antique ric rac store hanging out here. the arched living room with the beam at the top, the painted white cabinets (because in the suburbs they don’t seem to realize you could actually just pull the cabinets out and start new…) that icky tile with the dark grout that always looks gross. looks familiar. i would guess this is actually an 80’s build somewhere in nw houston, maybe in hunter’s valley/hunter’s wood or preston wood or lakewood or heatherwood or something with the word wood in it.

  • Wowser! Thank goodness this is not my mom’s house and I’m not going to help her move. That’s a lot of STUFF to move.

    I smell Chinese food. I think this is in smelling distance of Bellaire/Beltway 8 Chinatown.

  • “Tonstant Weader fwowed up.”

  • Whew! I’m better now. I am going with those condos on Fountainview.

  • North of memorial between wilcrest & kirkwood. She’s been accumulating that stuff since 1979!

  • Wow. This is just… Wow. Colon Blow Interior Decorating aside, there are odd clues:

    * It appears a woman in her mid-50s is taking the picture in the bathroom.

    * Ceiling looks like it has been redone, and seems inconsistent with the rest of the house.

    * The trash compactor is rather dated.

    While it _feels_ like a lot of the stuff I used to see when I lived in Greenwood Forest, there are no single story ranch-style digs up there.

    I’m guessing the location is in that incorporated area South of I-10 at Bingle: Hunter’s Creek Village?

  • Can’t believe no one has grabbed Oak Forest, Timbergrove, or Lazybrook yet. All are close enough to the Heights for weekend shopping excursions.

  • I don’t know which looked worse, this cluttered decoration or the trashy apt. featured months ago with all the fast food wrappers… .puke. I would guess meyerland as well, maybe Willowbend.

  • This has to be close to Traders Village or Old Towne Spring. I am guessing this beauty is in Spring.

  • On a map, I’ll go with Maplewood (W,N,S or original flavor).

    From the interior shots, I find myself (as a minimalist) in either Hell North or Beezelbub Bend. The FLAMES -arrrgh! The dust mites – achooo!

  • The Oakbrook subdivision in Clear Lake. 1970s-era kitchen cabinetry and trash compactor, relatively-spacious-but-not-excessively-so floorplan, and vaulted ceiling, but occupied by a kitsch-obsessed gramma who’s been filling this place with crap since 1988.

  • This woman has not been married for a very, very, VERY long time.

  • I think this must be part of a new ranch home tour in Briarmeadow. This particular house has been “profesionally” decorated by Michael’s and Kirkland’s. They tried to see if they could cover every square inch with faux floral arrangments, gaudy lamps and gold-framed pictures.

  • Me thinks someone bought the ENTIRE Home Interiors catalog!

    I’ll guess the Clear Lake area….off El Dorado btw Hwy 3 and El Camino Real.

  • What we *can’t* tell from these photos is what variety of fake potpourri hangs heavily in the house. Rose? Cinnamon? Honeysuckle? An amalgamation of all of the above? Pee-yew!

  • We are looking at a David Weekley type patio home here. But I don’t know my burbs well enough– Copperfield maybe? Does anybody know what those pink lace trimmed caskets are? Seems to be 2 of them.
    {Miz Brooke- right on- I can hardly breathe just looking at the pictures. We need the smellephoto lens}

  • Indeed — I am weak from the stench of potporri. This looks like the Lamp Lane warehouse for Kirklands. Those pink lace-trimmed caskets probably hold the cremains of her long dead cats.

  • Harold Mandell,

    There appears to be one, and only one, little pink casket. It rests on a half-wall separating the mistress bedroom from the boudoir. It is actually a first-aid kit in disguise, containing Bactine and band-aids for every time the lady of the house scrapes herself but good on that large-framed painting hung at waist level opposite the sink.

    “Smellephoto lens.” That’s a good one!

  • Kempwood / Gessner area.

  • I can’t look at the photos long enough to develop a guess.

    Isn’t there a town in TX called Flowermound? Is that within the boundaries of this game?

  • I like this bathroom style — where you see into the sink and “dressing area” from the bedroom. Never have I seen such stunning decor, using the literal definition of “stunning,” of course. But I think it IS Oak Forest. Older house — took a few years to grow that giant thing ouside the living room windows. Kitchen cabinets might be original, just updated doors and etc. But I don’t think it’s an elderly person’s home; Mammaw would NOT have chosen unmatching kitchen cabinet pulls!

  • One more thing: if the owner had shopped at Hobby Lobby instead of Michael’s, the former might still be in business. COUNT the artificial flower arrangements. I see 17 on a fast scroll-through. Jeebus.

  • I going to guess it’s one of the “nicer” homes in Garden Villas near Hobby Airport. Hubby died years ago — just a few months after he retired from the Chevy dealership. He made a good living back in the day and allowed her to spend as she pleased. His hefty life insurance policy let her retain her spending habits somewhat. Now it’s time for assisted living and she has to choose which arrangements and which lamps she can take with her. She imagines her kids will fight over the rest.

  • This house is in Bellaire – I can smell the spice scented candles from here.

  • This is the third time I’ve looked at this week’s game! I’m dazzled and distracted and can’t make heads or tails, like when I go to the mall and, after 5 minutes, can’t remember what I’m there for, what my name is, or, where I parked the car.
    70’s construction with doo-dads from many different years… & kitchen C-top and back-splash updated in 90’s.
    Notice the scale in the kitchen, under one of the many etages; This homeowner may have controlled weight by shopping instead of over-eating.
    I’m kinda depressed now.

  • It looks like Tammy Faye Baker’s face exploded inside this house. It’s between Westheimer, Briar Forest, Dairy Ashford and Kirkwood. The woman “of a certain age” who lives there now has some money left over from her one-of-a-kind art shopping spree at the Hart Galleries closeout auction. And now that Jerry and Wynonne are behind bars, I think she probably paid too much.

  • Inwood Forest.

  • Whore-rendous!!!!! Was someone smitten with her silk floral arranger or what? I don’t think a man has been in that house EVER. Even the art above the bed is a woman. Now I am curious about those bedsteps in the master. How tiny could this gal be? It isn’t a tall bed and she doesn’t seem the type to have a little dog or cat around get into all of her frilliness. Lord, if anyone ever deserved a prize for guessing, this would be the house. I loved the answer about being near Traders Village/Old Town Spring but I’ll say somewhere west of Oak Forest in the
    Antoine/Pinemont area.

  • Wrong about the scale, movocelot. It’s because they’re going to sell this frou-frou by the pound.

    I’m not really sure WHY twin sisters would want to recreate their mother’s depressed Arsenic & Old Lace Victorian childhood…maybe that tent thing outside the stair-step bedroom is for the funeral rites of their last gentleman caller.

    I’m thinking this is in Tanglewood, or maybe that area below the old Rosewood Hospital. The sisters bought it new & persuaded each other to update the kitchen after their lottery win.

    Let’s be a little kinder…maybe she told one of her 9 children or 17 grands that she liked lace & fringes and has been inundated with the stuff for 45 years now. Course it all has to be on display when the giver stops by. Or maybe she won a shopping spree from Michaels? Requiescat in pace, Regina (or Reginae?) Fringorum!

  • Where are the ragdoll bunnies? Shouldn’t they be on the bed? Spring Branch.

  • Post #45, sentence #1 (thanks, Schwaghag) should win something. Maybe the the most pithy, concise on-point summary ever! Brilliant!

    ROTFLMAO with Dr. Pepper out the nose!

  • Augusta/Bering Drive area just north of San Felipe.

  • Gus, it’s 5:00 pm Thursday we’re plotzing…WHERE IS THIS PLACE? My office mate and cyberfriends want to know!