Neighborhood Guessing Game: Places To Eat

Going through a little dry spell with the Neighborhood Guessing Game? Then you’re in luck! This week’s prize is a gift basket of personal lubricant products from Wet International!

That’s right: The winner of this week’s game will receive an assortment of Wet products, including: Wet Original, Wet Kiwi Strawberry flavored lubricant, Wet Together couples lubricant, and Inttimo by Wet Total Body Shave Cream for Men.

Who’s responsible for this? The prize is being sponsored by Wet International, manufacturer and distributor of the world’s best-selling specialty line of personal lubricants and intimacy products.

Slick, huh? Well, here’s how to win: Just guess where the pictured home is located! If you’re right, you get Wet! If more than one person guesses the right location, the player who provided the best explanation for the guess wins the prize.

If you know this home already, or if you come across it while we’re playing the game, don’t ruin the fun for everyone else by blurting out the answer. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing. Then enter an incorrect guess, but make it sound perfectly plausible. If you do this well and help to confuse other players, you’ll get special recognition for your efforts. And if no one guesses the actual neighborhood, you could win the prize!

Let’s have a look around:


Got a notion of where we are here? Well, why not?

Okay now . . . time to enter your guess in the comments! And come back here Thursday for the answer!

Update, 8/6: Gift basket o’ lube, coming up!

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  • Am I first? Ok. I think it’s new-ish and not a re-do. But it isn’t super-huge. So maybe it’s one of those reasonaby sized townhouses in the Heights. Maybe around 22nd and Shepherd. It looks nice.

    Am I close? Am I even damp?

  • Townhouse is right! I’m going with Montrose (boundaries by the collection of the civic organizations).

  • I’m going to go with a new-ish (say, built within the last 5 years) 2 or 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome located inside of 610 (but south of I-10 and north of 59). I’m going to go with the Rice Military area, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in Midtown either (and, if it is located there, if the palce wasn’t built by Perry, with remodeled countertops and dining/living room floors, then I’d be shocked).

  • I believe this is in the heights.

  • I think Grandmother bought this 1988 townhome and did some remodelling when she and the ex sold the big house in the divorce. Now she’s re-connected with a high school sweetheart and starting fresh.

    Kids say goodbye to West Alabama/Bammel Lane
    ‘cuz Gran is movin on up.

  • -laughing- not sure about that prize package, but here goes.

    New-ish townhouse. Could. Be. Anywhere. No real clues, so I’ll guess the First Ward, north of WAve, east of Studemont, west of I-45, South of I-10.

  • The kiddos appear to be wearing private school attire, so the schools maybe aren’t up to snuff. Decor is too old fasioned to be someone interested in Midtown. I’m going with Rice Military, build 5-10 years ago.

  • It’s one of those over-sized Perry townhouses that everyone is always complaining about (and often for good reason). They always use the same kind of cabinets and trim wherever they build, whether it be suburban or urban. Looks like it was either built in the late 90’s, or before 2005. As for the neighborhood, it’s most likely in Midtown and the vicinity, but also possibly in The Heights, East End, where the lot sizes are a little bit bigger.

  • Whooo! I am amazed at how folks are immediately gravitating to the near north side, which means that is the obvious guess and therefore wrong! Unless this is a trick and it is obviously right. Inconceiveable!

    For that reason I am going with those new townhomes they have built out in Sugarland. And while the school uniform clue is a good one, I think the parents simply prefer a Christian school.

  • Lakes of Stonehenge. Patio home.

  • This is definitely a Perry townhome. 2001 vintage. Baldwin Park area.

  • This is a townhouse in the west end area off Washington. Between Shepherd and Studemont/Studewood.

  • And I would like to add a Missouri City while I am at it…

  • Not a townhouse, I can see windows on at least 3 sides.

    Funny title for this contest, since there are no drawer pulls in the kitchen and I guess no one cooks here. The kitchen is so clean!

    To me this house looks like it’s in Bellaire, between Newcastle and the RR tracks, N. Braeswood & Bellaire. I know this area has a name – can’t come up with it at the moment!

  • The layout looks flipped relative to most of the townhouses I’ve seen from that era, but I’d still guess it’s circa 2000. I’ll place it just outside of the West U chimney, within shouting distance of utility corridor and/or railroad tracks.

  • I wanted to guess the West Alabama/Kirby area, around Bammel Lane, but JT beat me to it. My next best guess is west of Shepherd, south of Westheimer — you know, behind Cafe Adobe somewhere.

  • Initially, I thought Heights-Rice Military area, but that was taken. St. George’s Place. Where else would the recently divorced (and downsized) grandma go? Close to shopping, restaurants, and a safe neighborhood. She’s tired of climbing stairs and all the maintenance of a house…and is moving off to a high-rise.

  • Karen: a townhouse can have windows on three sides, if it’s on the end.

  • One of the red-brick-ish townhouse developments in Southside Place, on or near Holcombe/Bellaire. Failing that, it could be Bissonnet east of Weslayan. Either way, it’s somewhere over there in West Southside University Place within bike distance of Whole Foods.

  • I’m gonna go for the area between Dunlavy and Shepherd just north of Westheimer. They don’t cook because they’re always getting food to go from Paulie’s or La Guadalupana.
    Kids look like they’re wearing either St. Stephen’s or St. Anne’s gear. “Just swing by Sue Mills and pick up a small polo shirt for $48!” They probably want to move because the kids constantly track in dog poop that the neighbors “forget” to pick up. Is the lube good for wood flooring?

  • This is an older townhouse probably built in the 80s. But, they did fix it up the master bath and kitchen bit around 2000 and it has brand new carpet!

    No one would have a two story first floor living space inside the loop. Nope, this place is on Fountainview or Augusta between San Felipe and Westheimer.

  • This is definitely a grandmother’s patio home because the kids’ pictures are the school-pics type you send to Grandma. And the antiqued dresser in the bedroom gives it away. I think it is located in Greatwood or First Colony. It’s been decorated with furniture and linens you can find in every big-box store in Sugarland. Everything was thrown together, a mix of old and new. But there are not many personal touches and it’s just too clean. She was moved here about ten years ago to be closer to family but, sadly, I think she has moved on.

  • Damn, that’s what I was leaning to. This is too small to be a West End/Rice Military townhome. It can however, be an end unit townhome as Carol stated earlier. I could see this as being around the Augusta, Bering area between Westheimer and Woodway. Something built either in the 80’s/90’s and dolled up a bit.

  • It looks like a Sandcastle Homes TH, and I’ll guess Cottage Grove, since I don’t think I’ve seen that yet in a guess.

    Otherwise, I would vote West End/Rice Military/Feagan St.

  • Wet personal lubricant products? I’m in!

    I looked closely at the pictures, and I don’t think anyone’s come across this 1980s Astrodome-are condo.

  • Townhouse built by Perry Homes around 2000. Located in Midtown.

  • I think it is definitely a Perry Home but possibly in Shady Acres or maybe Baldwin Park.

  • Early ‘aughts, Pearland. Silver Lake area? It’s something ‘Lake’, anyway. I know someone with that exact cabinet/counter/tile combination in the kitchen and the size of this house is consistent with that subdivision. Could be the same builder, but in Katy or Sugar Land.

  • I have nothing too snarky to say about this big vanilla box. I agree with everyone who picked up on the tell-tale Perry cabs. Since it appears to have a back door that goes into some sort of a back yard area that is getting a lot sunlight, I am going to say it is in Perry’s development in my old hood of Memorial Heights by Washington and Studemont. Some of those had back yards….

  • Townhome for sure. I have to go with the Baldwin park area, sometime in the past 10 years although it does indicate a newness of 5ish years to me. I say the area south and west of Anita St….lots of places around there.

  • I’m not convinced this is a townhome because I can’t tell where the garage goes. While it has townhouse all over it, it can’t be one that has a garage door for the front first floor facade.

    And what is that out the bathroom window? Do I detect a shadowy outline of another building with creme hardyplank and brick? Coud the parking be in an alley in back somewhere?

    This is an old person’s house. The linen cover on the coffee table – so the remotes don’t scratch — gives it away. But at least Granny is cool enough to put the little blue table from Ikea in the kitchen for the kiddos.

    My final answer: South of Dallas, west of Montrose, across from Vincent’s and Nino’s.

  • Perry! One of the larger townhome floorplans. I am guessing the area behind Nino’s/Vincent’s off West Dallas on Marconi, Eberhard, etc.

  • Longshot: East of 59, North of 45, down near the Toyota center. Lots of late 90’s townhomes, which this seems to resemble. The electric stove also suggests it’s in an area not originally meant for homes, such as a warehouse.

  • this place is gross.. but what a prize!.. personal lubricants!

    swamplot has outdone itself this time!

    whoever wins needs to report back on the effectiveness of the lubricants!

  • I think this is a single free standing two story house. Build probably around 2000. The lot isn’t large, as you can see the neighbor house from the bathroom window. I agree it looks like a Perry Home, probably part of enclosed community. North of IH10 but still inside the loop? Heights, Lazy Brook, Timbergrove would be my guess.
    Curious about the lubricants offered this time. To get wet is a temptation, but some rain would be just fine :)

  • Having lived in the burbs for 12 years this one is a no brainer. In fact I think I’ve been in this house in Clear Lake somewhere in my younger days for a house party. I’m guessing Clear Lake – the neighborhood has ‘Bay’ or ‘Brook’ in the name, which is every neighborhood in Clear Lake. I’ll go anything off Clear Lake City Blvd – Bay Pointe.

  • Good Gawd, this could be anywhere.

    That said, The bathroom seems weird, big coil, exposed electric burners on the stove, and the floor plan looks like something out of the Twilight Zone. It feels like a fairly recent vintage place that has been more recently updated.

    Is that a casserole in the oven?

    Ummm… North of Beltway 8, near Ella.

  • @Karen (comment #15), that part of Bellaire is called the Southdale Addition. Southdale was the name of the street bisecting it and parallel to Newcastle and the tracks. A few years back, after the West U McMansions jumped the tracks and the city fathers of Bellaire started getting itchy for fancier ways to honor all that new tax revenue, they re-named that street Baldwin after the Ohioan who founded the town.

    Southdale used to be a nice place to live, very much a quiet, relaxed small town where all the neighbors knew each other and would visit under the street lights at night, waiting for the houses to cool down and watching the cats play. I miss it, but have found a similar vibe in Brooke Smith.

  • Perry townhome in midtown, specifically the Baldwin Square development. It was a pioneer for midtown development back in the day.

  • Definitely Perry home, tell-tale cabinets. But probably after mid-2004 because of the stainless steel fixtures and shower door. Homes built by Perry before this date came standard in Brass. I remember Perry had an entire strip of these between Washington and Memorial, before Washington grew too trendy for Perry townhouses, all priced between $199-$225. We looked at these 5 1/2 years ago – now does my memory serve me right? Was it the places off Memorial Heights? Curious to know what the appreciation is on those and if we should’ve bought there instead of the ‘burbs.

  • Maybe I’m being a prude here, but I don’t like this week’s prize one bit. It’s like way out of left field for Swamplot. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time getting ready for the GRE, or…

    Swamplot:Wet International as Downtown Houston Baseball Park: Minute Maid.

    Do you guys remember how to solve these?

  • Agree with all previous posters that this place could be anywhere. I’ve stayed in corporate apartments that had more character. Definitely circa 1999-2003.
    I’ll throw it out there and say it’s a patio home near (but not in) Royal Oaks.

  • omg, lube! it’s my lucky day!! not even kidding!!

    so sad when a family wants to make the compromise between the suburbs and the city and just doesn’t quite get there, as can be seen by the little ikea kid table at the end of a tiny kitchen that wishes to be like the ones in kingwood. sniff. story of my life

    here goes: inside the loop, but just barely. timbergrove and lazybrook were too old and icky so these guys bought in the new developments in the area. maybe across from sterling elementary school so they can pretend they are providing a yard to their kid, even if it is owned by hisd. timbergrove court, maybe it’s called? if not right there, then further down 11th at hempstead in those new suburbia wannabe neighborhoods that back up directly to the railroad. still thinking it’s across from sinclair though.

    my guess is that they hate this place, are sucking it up and moving out to the burbs for the schools.

  • I’m gonna have to say its a Perry town home on the corner of bland and blander. Early aughties build (no granite in baths, faux granite abound). Bet it has red brick! Its probably located in the area adjacent to Audubon Place in the neighborhood bordering the sunken section North of 59 (Houston retention pond) – That or off of Pin Oak, behind the middle school and HCC on 610.

    The owner is a recently retired lady who occasionally cares for the garndkids. She worked as an executive assitant at the oil company and scored the living room furniture when they were remodeling the lobby . Now she is ready to move away from the hustle and bustle – that, and the split-level entry is getting to be a bit much for her knees. She romantisized sitting on the back balcony, overlooking her postage stamp yard drinking ritas in the evening, but it’s just too hot out there. That back door hasn’t been opened in years. Maybe at the new place she’ll be able to use the kitchen…or at least more than the mircrowave.

  • I’m surprised that a lot of people think this is a 21st century townhouse. The black appliances and paucity of crown moldings place this one squarely in the late 80’s/early 90s. It’s also more likely a patio home than a TH given the window and door placement.
    Given the compact dimensions and the closeness of the neighbors, I’ll guess ITL. Specifically, the patio-home farms between the rail tracks and the west loop east of the galleria.

  • Perry built townhome – midtown – sutton development just south of west gray.

  • Without a doubt, Bellaire.

  • I agree with me — Perry Townhome in mid-town. However, not a grandma home — breakfast room table and chairs are bar height.

  • This home is so sad & depressing.

    I’m going to guess randomly & say it’s somewhere in the Galleria/Woodway area.

  • Gillette-Sutton or is that Sutton-Gillette?