How To Play the Neighborhood Guessing Game

Playing Swamplot’s weekly Neighborhood Guessing Game is super easy! There are just four simple rules:

  1. Each Tuesday we show photos of a home listed on HAR. If you think you can guess what neighborhood it’s in, enter your guess in the comments section of the story. The first accurate guess wins!
  2. If your comments are especially sharp or entertaining, you’ll get an honorable mention when we post the answers on Thursday.
  3. If you already know the home in the photos, please don’t post a comment like “I know that home because I saw it last week. It’s in Wiggaboo Acres” — because it just ruins the game for everyone else. Instead, you can add a comment like “My guess is Wiggaboo Acres” — and then explain clues in the photos that help support your vote. Or, you can play a trickier version of the game, as described in item 4 below:
  4. If you already know the home in the photos and can send us an email with a link to the actual listing, go ahead and do that. Then make a wrong guess in the comments, but give a convincing explanation for it . . . just to throw your competitors off the scent. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition for your obfuscatory talents!

That’s all. Happy guessing!

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