Neighborhood Guessing Game: Sitting in a Corner

It’s time to play the 40th edition of the Neighborhood Guessing Game. Have all neighborhoods been guessed already?

A quick rules refresher: Guess the location of this Houston-area residence by putting clues together from the photos. If you guess the correct neighborhood, you win! If more than one player guesses the right location, the prize goes to the player who provides the better explanation for the guess.

If you know this home already, or if you come across it this week, please don’t ruin the game for everyone else by spilling the beans! Instead, you can have a little fun with the other players: First, email us with a link to the HAR listing. Then add a wrong guess, but give a convincing explanation for it. If you do this well, you’ll win special recognition for your efforts!

Ready for the photos?


This one’s easy, right? Who could guess anywhere else?

Time to add your guess, in the comments! The answer appears Thursday!

Update: The location revealed!

Photos: HAR

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  • Seems easy, but still kinda hard. The view of the traditional white house next door makes me think old house, older established neighborhood like West U, River Oaks, Montrose, Southampton, etc. The established, yet modest, backyard also makes me think of an older home in these areas.

    House is definitely a flip with the Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel furniture and no evidence of inhabitants anywhere.

    The use of tile on the counters in the kitchen, lack of a kitchen island, and minimalist bathroom make me think this was a cheaper redo of a bungalow (but not Heights), which would knock out West U/River Oaks. I’ll go with and older home in the Med Center/Museum District area, say Southgate, near the Menil, or Vassar/Milford/Banks area.

  • This is a nice little pre-war two story that someone added a big den to the back of. Notice how there’s painted brick to the right of the fireplace but not the left? That’s where the end of the original wall was. The fireplace brick is different (though the chimney brick looks similar though unpainted.) Enclosed sunroom was probably the sleeping porch, originally screened. The dining room bay window keeps it from being too old. You see this kind of thing all the time in Galveston where someone will make a historic southern townhouse livable by adding a big den and kitchen in the back. But I don’t think it’s Galveston. Probably more likely Montrose, Southgate, or Southampton.

  • Disappointed I can’t really get snarky with this one. The first pic had me thinking somewhere off Fountainview somewhere near 77056. But that white house is throwing me off! I’m now over in West U, between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. Like Pittsburgh or Cason? Basically I have no clue.

  • I recognize those fixtures from Home Depot. I have no clue where this is but it’s definitely a quick flip … caveat emptor.

  • somewhere on the high seas –
    i’m feeling so woozy from the distorted views –
    either that or off Hammerly/Long Point: See it’s just around the corner from last week’s NGG house!

  • The brick and exposed ceiling beams in the home threw me off, but the wall paneling, half-tile bathroom, and glimpse of the outside make me think Montrose, and perhaps more specifically Hyde Park..

  • Looks like its been on the market for some number of months, based on all of the green outside. Looks like the photos were taken in May or June.

    It’s hard to decide what this house is trying to be, much less what it originally was. Parts look like a bungalow. The den and kitchen look like a 60’s ranch. It looks totally charmless to me, but perhaps I just can’t see past the impersonal flip.

    I’ll guess Bellaire outside the loop.

  • Clearly it’s an older ranch-like abode that’s been expanded once, then spruced up again, but where could it be?

    The second floor is throwing me off. So many of the obvious neighborhoods are filled with one story homes.

    It can’t be too nice a neighborhood or it would have been torn down completely. It’s probably not inside the Loop, unless it’s it a shady area, and I’m not talking about trees. No way it’s in River Oaks, Tanglewood, West U, Bellaire, etc.

    It’s on a small lot, which is keeping me from thinking about most the Memorial area.

    Perhaps it’s in one of those neighborhoods east of 288 near the Med Center. Riverside Terrace?

    The owners must have died too soon. The kids sold to the flipper. Another 10 years and it would have been a tear down for sure.

  • Do I see a mountain range on the horizon beyond the grand piano?

  • This place is too generically nice in justguessin’s Pottery Barn oeuvre. ALso, marmer’s take on this is very strong… almost too strong. Maybe marmer knows too much. :-)

    Anyway, for lack of a better idea, I’ll guess whatever the area west of Greenbrier, north of Holcombe, east of Kirby and south of the Village is called… East University?

  • I’m going to try Garden Oaks. The house seems to ooze the 1940’s with its relatively low ceilings, small-ish trim, tiled bathroom, and delicate banister. The view through the sun porch hints at a large-ish plot of land and another two story house. The appliances and tile seem relatively new – perhaps recent upgrades before placing it on the market? Too bad about the built-ins in the den though. The solid pane windows in the living room clue one in to replacement – maybe when they added the den and installed that oh so smart bay window in the dining room.

  • This looks like a late 50’s early 60’s ranch. The ungutted and remodeled original bathroom usually gives that away. Notice the plaster above the original tile on the wall. I could see this in the Meyerland area, all the way in along da bayou to the med center area. These are neighborhoods that have not seen dirt price appreciation lending to something like this becoming a teardown. Having done my share of remodeling over the years, I actually think they did a pretty decent looking job on this one.

  • Other than the kitchen countertops, I really like this place. I am completely in love with the enclosed porch. But I’ve got no guess where it is. It can’t be in any of the neighborhoods I troll regularly in HAR, because I think I would have noticed it. It’s been rather thoroughly staged, but surely the piano was already in place. This one is a stumper.

  • I do not think the enclosed porch is a converted sleeping porch. Plus the windows in the room with the piano draws me toward a converted ranch. However my gut says a home in the Mandell\W Mandell area bordered by Westhiemer to the North, W Alabama to the South, S Shepherd to the West and Montrose to the East.

  • Gus must sit around and REALLY enjoy us guessing left, right, all over town each week. I can almost hear him laughing. Tell us it is true.

  • I’m going to guess Lynn Park or Weslayan Plaza…ranch style homes, some redone, larger lot than typical West U, Montrose, etc.

  • I concur with all that has been said so the only thing left is my guess. I think NorhillJoe is pretty close but I’m going to take it a step further north to the area between Westheimer and West Gray bounded by Shepherd to the West and Montrose to the East (not sure what that area is called…not quite River Oaks, not quite Hyde Park).

  • Another weird thing — how many exterior doors does this place have? One to the left of the den fireplace, one in the kitchen, one in the sunroom, maybe another one at the other end of the den, too. I wonder if at least some of these pics are of a mother-in-law style guest house on the property…

  • What about that neighborhood that’s just west of Weslayan on the north side of the SW freeway? I say it’s on W. Main or one of those streets just south of Central Market, walking distance from my favorite now-gone restaurant the Black An*us. Somebody spent a lot of money updating this one, before all the teardowns started.

  • @Doug: No, you don’t.
    @Brad: It isn’t. Y’all do quite well!