Neighborhood Guessing Game: Sofa Bar

What are we playing for this week? A one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance! Do you want to win?

All you need to do is guess the location of this home. If you guess correctly, you win the prize! If more than one person guesses the location correctly, the player who gave the best explanation for the guess wins.

If you know this home already — or if you come across it or its listing while we’re playing the game — please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the fun for everyone. Instead, send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing, so it’s clear what you’re doing. Then, enter an incorrect guess, but give a convincing argument for it. If you do this well, you’ll earn special recognition when the answer is revealed. And if nobody guesses the right answer, you could win the prize!

What does the rest of the house look like?


Are you figuring it out? Let us know when you do!

Study the photos, then add your guess in the comments. And stick around for the answer, revealed here on Thursday!

Update, 6/25: Would you believe it’s here?

Photos: HAR

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  • No idea – but…..Christmas tree? Huh? Either these are old photos and this property has been on the market for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time or else that is someone’s idea of performance art.

  • Old 50’s ranch moedernahzd. Thinking Meyerland, or the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area. Spring Branch could have something like this as well.

  • It’s a mod home. I get this from the window above the bed.

    The longtime Houston residents will have to estimate the decade. 50s? 60s? It’s obviously been updated.

    I see a yard outside of the bedroom. I say somewhere along Brays Bayou near the loop. I know I won’t win because I haven’t given an exact name, but I know the regulars will be able to dissect this place.

  • With ALL those structures in the ceiling, it is definitely the ASTRODOME.

  • Doug, kjb and CK have zeroed in on this methinks. I’m guessing the south side of Braeswood between Stella Link and Kirby whatever its called.

  • I’m thinking Highland Village area – there are a lot of older homes that have been tastefully rennovated in that area. I think the homeowners are trying to create a mirror effect with their two living room arrangments and furniture.

  • It makes me want to dress up like a conquistador (or Ricardo Montalban, at least) and revel in all that rich Corinthian leather.
    Perfect for the Gemini cook in your family with the matching halves surrounding the kitchen.
    Cool place and nice sized yard. I’ll take a lob at the Linkwood area.

  • Very bowling alley. Westbury?

  • Yes, it’s a mod but it wasn’t renovated by anyone who cares about it being a mod or they wouldn’t have chosen the decidedly unmod light fixtures, among other things. I’ll guess Spring Oaks.

  • Aside from the ceiling, we are a tad weak on clues this week. The like leather and dining table and more leather. It has been on the market since December because they are in no hurry – they are retiring and moving to the place they bought in Kerrville years ago and they can wait for their price. The blue bedroom is from when their grandaughter used to stay with them but she is now in college. Since someone already said Meyerland, I will say Timbergrove or Lazybrook.

  • Wilf cracks me up. Actually it’s where the most interesting man in the world lives. Stay thirsty my friends.

  • That’s all the pics we get? sheesh and half dozen of them are of just the one giant room!
    Surely the owners – the original owners from 1956 – are aging and losing their hearing. The Man of the house, in the cordovan living area, is having television-volume-war with the Madam, in the ochre living area, and, it has gotten to the point where neighbors repeatedly call the cops. That’s why the move… and the sale of the house.
    To me, this looks like it’s on Lake Conroe. But that lake didn’t exist in the 50s-60s. Alternatively I’ll guess out Westpark/Richmond in the Dairy-Ashford area; I remember some mod triangular windows there.

  • It took me a few looks to realize that the den and living room were 2 separate rooms: Similar leather sofas, similar leather chairs, similar rugs, the same beams above, same kitchen bar behind the sofa, and neither has a coffee table. It looks like the den, the living room, and both dining rooms are built outside of the original house. They all have the original exterior brick — now painted white. And it looks like the bedroom with the beamed ceiling was also an addition.

    So we’re looking for a place that originally had fairly small houses on a fairly large lot. I’m guessing the original house was 1940’s or 50’s? The remodel looks fairly recent to me — I’d say probably about 5 years ago? This leads to Bellaire — probably between the railroad and the loop.

  • And what does wilf stand for-
    wookie I’d like to…

  • boy oh boy are these people proud of their addition… I am also going to go out on a limb and say the xmas decorations are still up and stay up year round. Some people are just lazy. There are still houses in my neighborhood with tape on the windows from Rita. Afterall there are no gifts under the tree so Santa has not been here in a while.

    My eyes are still recovering from last week’s atrocity. This was definitely a small house with a house-doubling addition put in relatively recently. I think I can see the end of the lot through the bedroom window so not huge but nice size. Garden Oaks seems right.

  • glenbrook valley, mcm ranch

  • Carol, you pegged it. This is a house in the process of being flipped – they just painted the bath (it still has the original fixtures), slapped on a new kitchen countertop, cut open a few walls…then put up the light fixtures they bought from Las Alamedas. The Christmas tree never had any presents under it :-( …Those decorations were used at the open house they had back in December.

    I think the brick is original – otherwise why would it be UNDER the kitchen bar, and facing both sides on the columns? I’m guessing somewhere within a quarter mile of Westview from Gessner to Antoine.

    Wilf’s right about the Gemini aspect – it’s perfect for those couples who want separate checking accounts.

  • Hey CK, Don’t hang back now. Think Willow, and I don’t mean one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. The Most Interesting Man in The World gives zen lessons from his leather chair to Asian guys seated on those black leather zafus, and rides beauty pageant winners around in his Zodiac in the pool at that Willow whichever it is Swim Club,since we all know he lives in Willow Meadows.

  • Wow. Man living room (TV-side) and woman living room (kitchen-side). I love it. Where can I get me some of this. It’s not a flip because a stager wouldn’t use such nice leather furniture nor bother with seasonal decorations. Or if they did, they would certainly be more desperate to sell and change the seasonal photos after 6 months. I hope some photos have been omitted because I would hate to think someone would try to sell a house based on 6 photos of the mens/womens living rooms and a couple half shots of a bedroom carpet and bathroom sink. Since the most obvious choices are taken, I’m going wild with Afton Oaks (an older 50’s house tastefully renovated).

  • Tasteful updated older home. The tile work in the bathroom, high ceiling w/ beams in the den, and the brick accents in the kitchen make me think that the house was build in 60’s , maybe early 70’s. Partially modern furnishing, recessed lighting, and new windows give it a contemporary flair.
    What do I see… X-Mas decoration? Is it already so long on the market? Perhaps a bit overpriced?
    We had The Woodlands two times in the row, so this week we have to be back in Houston :) 
    I saw this kind of architecture in Spring Branch and in Timbergrove, but someone said already so. Then, lets place it maybe somewhere in Memorial Plaza or Rustling Oaks ?

  • finness,
    A delightful Scottish lass, who used to work at the defunct Cosmos, could never remember my name so she called me “Wilf” because I reminded her of an old friend back in Edinburgh. It’s just no use correcting a perpetually intoxicated Scottish bartender.

  • Nobody lives here. It’s staged with the cutesy 3 candlesticks on the table, all the leather, the leather ottomans along the windows, the bathroom stuff-note no soap in the dish, no toothbrushes in the holder, no sign of human habitation. Christmas tree came fully lighted, and decorations from Hobby Lobby. Stuffed dog peeking around the bed a decorator’s idea of whimsey. Was going to say Braes Heights, but the apparent roofline and the window in the last photo make me think Willow Meadows.

  • Remodeled 50’s/60’s Meyerland contemporary. Low rock roof – no attic.

  • Everything old’s new again.
    I’m going with one of the first “exurbs”
    around Houston – Quail Valley.

    People close-in once spoke with reverence about Quail Valley – can’t tell if there’s a (former) golf course view with this tasteful home. Is QV rebuilding their course or turning it into a greenbelt? Just curious.
    Saw the construction the other day.

    Anyhow, 1970s white flight/golf nut special suddenly finding itself “close in” since 250,000 Ft Benders are now living further out. In 10 years that will be a strong selling point (when there are 500k folks further out).

  • westbury


  • The leather sofa and chair in the dining room area would look great in my den. I am having difficulty coming up with a location for this home but my spirit guide is directing me north to Conroe.

  • Old Kingwood/Porter area.

  • This would have been mid-century modern masterpiece if decorated with shag carpet and Herman Miller everywhere! I bet the rehab was completed early 2007 on a early 1950’s suburbanites dream. I say this house is somewhere south of Bellaire BLVD very close to Pershing Middle School. Definitly Southside Place.

  • No one’s said Memorial Bend yet? Really? Gotta go with that because of the interior brick and the triangular bedroom clerestory. Also the big picture window and the high window in the dining area, and the open floor plan. They’re trying to fight the good fight against the McMansions.

  • A bit more spare than last week’s choice, yes? Almost like it’s staged – nothing on the walls, two small area rugs, Rooms-to-Go leather. It feels like the southlands. Older subdiv in Pearland, Alvin or maybe Lake Jackson.

  • Porchman, I’m from Lake Jackson, and the style of this house kinda fits with some of the nicer older areas, but have we been that far afield with the NGG? I haven’t seen anything before that couldn’t reasonably be called a suburb of Houston. I think we’ve had Kemah and Katy and a buncha Woodlands. Maybe even a Pearland, but once you get to Alvin and Lake Jackson and Galveston, it doesn’t seem all that fair because many of our Houston friends have never been down there.

  • You guys crack me up, never have I enjoyed reading comments more than on the Neighborhood Guessing Game! It’s been fixed up so I don’t think it’s Meyerland or Glenbrook because more likely it would have been updated with more congruent fixtures in one of those areas. I don’t think it’s Garden Oaks/Oak Forest because I think it would’ve had a nice yard to show in photos. House seems flat and broad…like it’s on a small lot, but no way to tell how big the lot is from photos.I’ve seen this size of homes in the MCMs on the west side of town. My guess…Memorial, Spring Branch side, right outside of Belt 8? Maybe I’ve just been looking too much at the Memorial Bend Architecture blog?

  • My guess…..Spring Valley.

  • My first time to guess. This house reminds me of a house I viewed on Figaro Dr. several months ago. So, I am gonna guess Memorial Bend.

    I like the MCM look – there are some unfortunate remo done to the home but the kept the beams in the ceiling.

  • I have never understood why people with traditional taste buy a mid century modern?
    C’mon folks, those light fixtures and french doors are so so wrong. This looks like a lower end MCM so I’ll go with Westbury/Maplewood.

  • Beach or Bay house adjacent to Pirates beach and Galveston Country Club, on Lake Como, on Christmas Point.