Neighborhood Guessing Game: Something Fishy

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Porch

And now it’s time to take a break from Houston’s continuing real-estate train wrecks to bring you the week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game. If the home portrayed in this post were a residence somewhere in or around Houston (and it is), where would it be?

Care to guess? Just look through the photos below and add your comment. If it’s your first time playing, read the rules first.



Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Kitchen

A piece of cake! And once you’ve finished it, look around some more.

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Stairs

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 21: Bathroom

Okay, then: Have at it! Comments are open. Check back Thursday for the answer!
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  • First glance, Hudson on Memorial. It looks like a townhouse. Or the condos behind Second Baptist Church.

  • Galveston, or surrounding areas seem too obvious. I am going with Bering or Potomac between Woodway and Westheimer.

  • No meaningful guess, but break out the trash cans.. jeez.. they’re trying to sell this place in this condition?

  • I am sea sick. Going to take dramamine now , will guess later.

  • Wow. I’m not just stumped, I’m completely stunned.

  • I had to stop at the staircase photo. TOO. MUCH. STUFF. Looks like the inside of a funhouse. “Induces dizziness and nausea” aren’t selling points. Too nauseated to even guess right now…

  • If Willie Wonka was a sailor, that would be his house. I’ll guess Clear Lake circa 1990.

  • I’m thinking this is the home of two gay men. The decor is outrageous without being ridiculously over the top; something us gay boys just have a knack for. Montrose.

  • Definitely a townhome.
    Just west of Kirby, south of 59, there are some nice places,and,that’s my guess.

    I have a soft heart for the subjects (homeowners) of this exhibitionistic art of RE pics; but, I’d prefer seeing the place emptied out. Stagers rule.

  • Whoa! Break out the trash cans!!!! omg – this one wins the prize for the most cluttered !!! How will they ever move all this junk out and to where?

    ok = the fish made me think at first of Friendswood for some unknown reason. Again – this could be in any suburb in Houston.

    Early 80s or late 70s = been a remodeling lately = new kitchen and bathrooms – which are actually not bad. Low ceilings = not new.

    I can see a backyard fence – so it’s not on the water.

    ok – a suburb out 59 – an early one, not a later, newer one.

    I feel sorry for the movers.

  • I’ll agree that this seems like a townhouse… one that they’ve lived in for a long time, hence the extreme clutter. No telling why the running maritime theme, but this could be near the water somewhere down south in G Land or around the Clear Lake area. Then again, it could be that these folks just think maritime decorating makes sense anywhere.

    There are some decent looking quasi antiques, and some decent looking cabinets they’ve done as upgrades, along with kitchen improvements. I don’t miss those old timey low ceilings like I used to have for sure. The place was definitely built 20-30 yrs ago and had remodeling since. The maritime theme just done be makin sense unless it be near da watah.

  • Townhouse empty-nesters. All the stuff from their old house crammed into a ’70s townhouse in a nice area. Grandchildren-style twin beds. Yarn swift/spinning wheel in the bedroom. Fixtures updated but not the proportions. Note the shower curtain peeking into the master bath photo and the den right next to the stove alcove. These folks do have some money — the updates are kinda nice. So it’s probably inner loop — I’ll say maybe some of those older townhouses in West U — maybe on Newcastle or Bissonnet.

  • Actually, now that I think about it, some of these details and proportions aren’t all that different from some of the little four-squares or picturesque cottages in Southampton. Especially the sunroom, small backyard, small kitchen, and small dining room with an arch. The drop ceiling could be a result of a central A/C upgrade.

  • Agree with the other comments that it’s a bit older and redone in places. Mature landscaping out the back, lots of tropicals. And of course the fish. Seems like Clear Lake area to me, I’m going to go with Brook Forest or El Lago.

  • EEEEK! It’s my mother-in-law’s house, minus the indoor koi pond. Pasadena.

  • I am going out on a limb. I think anywhere near water could be too obvious, so i think it’s Galleria area.

  • The Dalai Lama needs to use these photos in his Powerpoint presentations — SEE what happens if you concentrate too much on acquiring stuff?

    And I say ditto to earlier comments about suffocation and nausea.

    This place has three bathrooms. It’s a townhouse for sure, but no idea where. Wild guess — Clear Lake.

  • OK, now that I’ve recovered from my first viewing, I have a few thoughts.

    That sunroom appears to be only slightly above grade and there is some kind of balcony structure there where the bars are, and I think all those plants, lovely as they are are in pots. So, I’m positive it’s a townhouse or condo.

    The fishy theme would lead one to think it’s somewhere near the water, but there’s a vaguely western bent to some of that junk and someone likes colonial furniture too. I’m guessing these folks are selling because they’re moving in to a facility that will be treating them for their OCD and MPD.

    My guess for the record: Lake Conroe.

  • Must.

    I know this will not be anywhere near the actual location, but I’m going for Clear Lake Shores! Woo Hoo!

    By the way, you tacky, tacky people who mentioned trash cans? Shame on you! We’re talking serious clean out – 40 yard roll off dumpster.

  • they sure stuffed some money into that, whatever it is, I’m not convinced on the consensus of townhome, I’m gonna go with some sort of kink in Rice Military… that’s my final answer.

  • starkeshia, I’m gay that house is an insult to me, but I totally understand where you are coming from!

    I’ve seen houses like this before of gay friends.

    I’m going to be different and say somewhere out on Cypress Creek. I know it’s vague. Let’s say near the Kuykendahl Road area.

  • Way out in the Woodlands…..

  • I’m going with the fishy angle and guessing Seabrook.

  • the only place not mentioned was the 290 area I think! so, how about a suburb out 290? like early Copperfield?

  • wait, I take that back! (unless I was right of course!) but since Gus is giving us extra guesses – how about Fondren Southwest?????

  • Low ceilings = either revolutionary war era or after 1945.

    No moldings = 60’s thru 80’s

    Paneling, fake marble countertops, wrought iron = focusing like a laser on the 70’s, man!

    Kitchen, fireplace surround = renovations done about 10 years ago

    new master bathroom cabinets, real granite countertop = renovations finished this year to prep this baby for sale

    fish bathroom = clearly a redo circa ’00 – love that sink – but why? why? why?

    House plants, clutter, more clutter = older homeowners who remember the 70’s really, really well

    Given the clue to imagine this house NAKED – I’m going to go with BEAR CREEK.

  • how about somewhere in the east end… i’m thinking around lawndale and wayside…

  • port arthur

  • scratch that

    off 290 and mangum/40th

  • Scratch that

    off 290 just outside the loop

  • This looks like a house in Tomball

  • Kingwood, near Lake Houston.

  • Lakeside Forest and/or Walnut Bend and that is my final answer – unless it’s Briarcroft!

  • If it’s not my mother-in-law’s house in Pasadena (which ALSO has ocean-themed faux painting and netting in the guest bath), perhaps it’s one of the 60s/70s era neighborhoods in Spring Branch, say, near Memorial/Dairy Ashford?

  • Ok, I’m going to go with an older patio home in the general med center vacinity.

  • “perhaps it’s one of the 60s/70s era neighborhoods in Spring Branch, say, near Memorial/Dairy Ashford?”


    Spring Branch but I’m guessing near I-10/Gessner.

  • Along-side Buffalo Bayou, off Memorial.
    It’s still a town home: 2 windows are short, 2 windows are aluminum sliders.

  • Another guess….Gessner/Kempwood area?