Neighborhood Guessing Game: Suspended

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Stair

Neighborhood guessers, are you ready? Time to scrutinize your screen, plumb the depths of your Houston real-estate savvy, or . . . just guess Meyerland again!

Here we go! Fine photos of yet another house on HAR. Can you guess where it is? Rules of the game, as always, are here. Plenty more pics below!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Foyer

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Dining Room

This one’s a cinch! No? . . .

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Stair

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Piano

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Powder Room

Comments are now open. Use them if you think you know where our mystery home is . . . or if you’d just like to hazard a guess. Answers and winners on Thursday!

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  • This is nicer than some of the queso we’ve seen before. It looks like a townhouse to me, but not new construction. The cheap looking metal rails on the staircase suggests something from the 70’s. Also, the roof directly above the stairs looks to be a skylight, something we typically dont see with new construction. My guess is its an older place that is situated in a nice area to warrant the cost of new floors, kitchen, etc. I say somewhere around the Museum District.

  • I’m guessing that is a townhouse just west of the Galleria.

    No where to build a great room, so just build a great staircase to keep those HVAC bills in the triple digits!

  • im going with townhouse as well, BC of the way the front door is stuck next to that wall. loving the stair case! since i have been consistently WAY off, i am going to guess upper kirby.

  • Its unanimous, its a townhouse. The paucity of real windows suggests there is nothing to look at. In fact, two of the “windows” in the bedrooms look over the atrium/stairwell. I am guessing one of those older townhouse developments in the greater Galleria area although Meyerland is still a possibility.

  • I know it looks like a townhouse, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t: this looks just like the houses in my area that have atriums/front courtyards that are covered in in ivy, especially when they’re on busy streets like Gessner.

    Also, the bedrooms are way too large for this to be a townhome. I’m guessing — not Meyerland this time! — that it’s a two-story late-1960s era single-family home with a very blockish front/exterior and a courtyard or two that we aren’t being shown. I’m going to say Gessner, between Memorial and Briar Forest.

  • Ouch! Dang — banged my head on the staircase again! Must be the curse of the Bering-Augusta area earlier-model townhouse. Or maybe the curse of the late 1970’s Montrose-River Oaks-frontera.

  • My guess is in the area of Memorial Dr. and Chimney Rock?

  • ok, since I am the unofficial winner of last week – seriously! I am!!! – ok, so I’m going to win this again. This is a townhouse – off of Hillcroft/Voss – with an antrium that has been enclosed. I was once in a townhouse in that area – almost across the street from Hartz Chicken – between Westheimer and San Felipe – and this reminds me of that townhouse for some reason. Of course – it could be ANY townhouse built in the 60s in Houston – west Houston, but I’m betting it’s off Hillcroft. more like I’m praying!!! I want to officially win this week since I am the unofficial winner of last week (don’t ask)

  • Legend Lane Townhomes.

  • Meyerland, bitches.

    No, I so don’t agree with townhouse, there’s too much space for that stair. Plus the ceiling heights fight against the trim/lighting/materials… this says remodel… with the original stair. You know they took one look at that, probably originally black wrought iron and said lets paint it white, that’ll lighten it up.
    No, Im going with bunker hill area. I don’t think they have enough downlights either.

  • Townhome. Older, probably not on top of a first-floor garage. You wouldn’t build such a constrained metal stair in a “real” house. Too awkward and too industrial. I’m OK with the room sizes if the bedrooms are all upstairs and the living areas doswnstairs. So, where? Tanglewood.
    North of the Galleria and west of River Oaks.

    Or I could be wrong and it could be on Bissonnet, between Kirby and Newcastle

  • Townhouse on Nantucket between SF and Woodway.

  • Coming on board late in the game! I was struck by the change in ceiling height from the downstairs rooms to the upstairs rooms. What’s up with that? I find the whole concept confusing and it makes me dizzy to look at these photos.

    I’m going with a townhouse in Camp Hudson (I think that’s what that neighborhood is called off of Briar Forest near).