Neighborhood Guessing Game: The Everything Couch

Let’s see if someone can win that one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance this time! That’s the prize for this week’s winner — and it’s sponsored by the RDA. Are you ready to play?

You play the Neighborhood Guessing Game by . . . guessing the neighborhood of the pictured home. If you guess correctly, you win! If more than one person guesses the right neighborhood, the player who gave the best explanation for the guess wins.

If you know this home already, or if you come across it or its listing while we’re playing the game, please don’t post the answer — you’ll just ruin the game for everyone. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing — so we know what you’re doing. Then post an incorrect guess, but make it sound real plausible, to throw the other players off track. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition when the answer is announced. And if nobody guesses the correct neighborhood, you could win the prize!

Let’s have a peek at the rest of this place, then:


Well, who wouldn’t be able to figure this place out?

Okay, but who else?

Let the guessing begin! Your entries belong in the comments. Stay tuned for the answer . . . which will be announced right here on Thursday!

Update, 7/16: Would you believe the home is here?

Photos: HAR

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  • What on odd house. Lots of faux styling ideas, but the bath fixtures, counters, appliances are not high quality. Originally, I was leaning toward the Pearland area, but the vegetation outside bedroom window looks a little mature for the reconditioned rice paddies down there. So, that leads me to the east side of Katy, somewhere in the Mason Road area.

  • Greatwood, the newer part.

  • Mid to late 90’s Perry one-story w/ a back dormer to add light to the thick floorplan. Lets see, where did Perry build in the mid 90’s? Every burb in Houston, thanks a lot, I’ll go with Cinco Ranch. Pearland’s a good guess as the Silestone showroom is close by.

  • I agree…. strange layout. Looks like an 80’s/90’s build. Odd kitchen layout with one of the quirkier work triangles. I could see this place in a number of neighborhoods. I think Greatwood is probably a good choice as there are several neighborhoods around Katy, Sugarland, Misery City, Richmond/Rosenberg, etc. with builds like this. I could also see something like this around the Clear Lake area too.

  • Brass shower = Early 90s “custom home” with recent kitchen update. It’s definitely gotta be outside the beltway. Given the pine trees in the backyard, I am thinking Champions Forest/Memorial Northwest. Does the sombrero in the study come with the house?

  • I can’t add much to this except to say that I didn’t need to see those cheapo cabinets three different times. Fence in the back is cheap, too. This is a subdivision home, no question. Furniture may well be staged, and it too is cheap.
    That bathroom is weird, as are all the funny curves and angles. Gotta disagree with Brad about Pearland, though. Trees planted in 1995 will be plenty big now. This is Silverlake, probably near but not on the golf course. It’s a McCustom — David Weekley, Perry, Trendmaker, maybe. I see a lot of this kind of stuff, just east of 288, from Southfork Road on my daily commute.

  • I wish I could have a closer look at grandpa’s medals on the wall and the swords on the bookshelf. Even with that little bit of personalizing detail, this one is a total crapshoot. Could be in any of a hundred subdivisions in Harris, Brazoria, Montgomery, etc. I’m going to thrown my sombrero in the Memorial Villages ring. Plenty of unimaginative building like this has gone in around Piney Point, Blalock, etc.

  • marmer, I’ll be p*ssed if that is where it is. I felt strongly but talked myself out if it! That’s what I get for listening to a goofball. -laughing-

  • Looks like Lake Olympia out in Missouri City with all the curves, angles and columns. Is that a menorah in one of the first entryway pictures, though? I don’t think there’s a huge Jewish community in Missouri City, but surely there’s a temple somewhere in Fort Bend County.

  • Yikes, all the weird angles and curves give me a headache. It’s the stealth house — I can’t read any clues as to where it is. Weird.

  • I feel this sprawler is a “Build-Your-Own” home, somewhere in Katy or Magnolia.
    I looks like the ‘90s but finished in 2000, because everything tended to go slowlier.
    A single-story pimped to fill it’s big lot, with arch’l clichés and mixtures,
    ‘Til the over-spent couple took their last draw, unable to buy quality fixtures.
    The crown mold is glam, the ovals divine, and the light well is, well, bright.
    But, cold as a mall and echo-y, too, this house is basically trite.
    And that’s a really dumb mirror over the mantel.

  • I know we got blindsided last week with the Memorial teardown, but I cannot believe anything designed like this, built like this, or furnished like this has been built in the Villages in the last 20 years. I’m going with one of the Cypress subdivisions off Louetta.

  • Bellaire, Bellaire, Bellaire, Bellaire, BELLAIRE.

  • Cinco Ranch.

  • I believe the plan is called the Valencia by Village Builders, and is around 3000 square feet, one story. The plan is about 12 years old now, but the stainless appliances and some of the fixtures indicate it is more recent construction. I would lean towards a master-planned suburban community that Village tended to build in, such as Kingwood, Cinco Ranch, or Greatwood.

  • Looks a lot like some Perry designs we wandered through. Decent size, all the boxes checked on the feature form. I’ll take a wild stab at Fall Creek.

  • Is Keller off the list? Looks just like my brother’s house. I’ll shoot for the Hyde Park area. I’d like to take excess tile for $500K, Alex.

  • Lakes On Eldridge

  • Gonna vote Cypress, in one of the master planned communities. The house looks on the large size, so it’s not going to be in one of the smaller lots, maybe one of the estate series types lots, you know, the section with the community that gets its own gate and pays $50 more in HOA fees than the rest of the community.

    Lets go with Coles Crossing Estate Series, with the West of Barker Cypress.

    The house has all the normal upgrades and then some – double oven, crown molding, cannister lighting, under cabinet lighting on stock cabinets, sky lighting. It was either a model home with all the custom wall treatments or professionally done.

    The 6 panel interior doors are basically the only door made anymore, and the brass hardware all over mean it was built in the 90’s before the builders realized everyone wanted silver.

    Lets not forget to thank whoever for their service to country (office pix).

  • JT beat me to the punch, my first thought when I viewed the photos was Bellaire. My spirit guide is on vacation and can be of no help. Next best choice is West U. West U is my best guess.

  • The first picture made me think Greatwood. Late 90’s, so-so builder issue finishes with excessive moulding and pillars to make it seem expensive. I wonder what people do with those rear projection TV nooks that were all the rage and now have no use, maybe store wood for the fake gas fireplace.

  • That bronze shower makes me think mid 90s. Although, the home looks newer upon closer inspection. This could be a David Weekley Build On Your Own Lot home. Oh, and cheap looking windows. Such a pet peeve of mine.

    Going out on a limb here and guessing 1 or 2 miles south of I-10 west and South Fry Rd. and to the right a quarter of a mile.

  • We need to drive out 59 for this one. Sweetwater, just off the golf course.

  • I’ll take a stab at somewhere right in the middle of a lot of the other guesses — how about Sienna Plantation?

    What’s up with all those weird angled and curved walls?

  • That IS a menorah. Has this house been on HAR since last December? No other spec of Jewish art work, no mezuzahs either, makes me think that this family is not closely identified as Jewish. Perhaps they have Jewish grandchildren and the menorah was left over from a brief Hanukah visit?

    In the office photo I see a framed piece with lots of signatures, typical of a retired space program engineer. I’m putting my guess in Friendswood.

  • I believe this is a townhouse in Camp Logan/Rice Military/Washington Ave. area.

    It could serve as a showroom for a crown molding distributor!

    Another possibility is similar townhouses around Bammel/Sackett in Upper Kirby.

  • No guess, just a comment…

    Whatever happened to working triangles in kitchen design? Sheesh!!! That kitchen gets a huge thumbs down.

  • Patio Home off 1960. It looks like a newer version of the in-laws.

  • psssh. no.

    a recent-to-late build in that gray area that’s almost bellaire but near meyerland, around braeswood.

  • I’m voting with JT – I also thought Bellaire.

  • A curvaciously crazy abode, Senor Swamp.
    My drowsing stick points west. I say Pecan Grove or points close.

  • First Colony. To narrow that, Sugar Land. To narrow that, off Lexington Blvd. inside of 6.