Neighborhood Guessing Game: The Hall of Artifacts

The winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game . . . wins the Neighborhood Guessing Game! Could that prizewinner be you?

It could — if you guess the location of the home pictured here! If more than one of you guess it correctly, we’ll award the first place prize to the player who provided the best explanation with the guess.

If you already know this property, or if you come across it while we’re playing the game, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the fun for everyone else. Instead, we hope you’ll make the game even more fun — by sending Swamplot an email with a link to the listing (so we know what you’re up to), then submitting an incorrect guess, meant to throw the other players off! If you do this well, you’ll earn special recognition when the winner is announced. (And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!)

Ready to give this game a try?


Picked up enough clues yet? Then keep on picking!

Put it all together and make your guesses in the comments! The answer will be revealed on Thursday!

Update, 11/16: The answer . . . at last!

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  • The kitchen and bath are remodeled in this home built in the 70’s? 80″s? Where o where? Off of Hwy 249, Jones Rd and Louetta.

  • West University.

  • The very back of Lakeside Estates, near Lakeside CC and backing up to Buffalo Bayou.

  • Looks like a townhome to me. Let’s say around the Augusta/Bering area.

  • Are these the artifacts of one of those anthropologists that are sent to convince native peoples to sell their bithright to oil companies? If that were so I would say Energy Corridor somewhere. But nope, this is the home of an academic in the “77004”. Either Riverside Terrace or that strip between Almeda and 288.

  • Close, KimmerTX, but no cigar. I’m going with Lakeside Place subdivision, between Hayes Road and Kirkwood, north of Briar Forest. The panelling in the first photo just takes me right out there.

  • This looks like it is out at Barker’s Landing, between Memorial and I-10, behind the BP compound. There are a few single familiy houses in this small area that look to fit this description. High ceilings, wood panel walls, mirrors all over the place. You can still see some of the original finish details, even though there have been many updates.

  • I’m feeling a townhome (maybe not a townhome, but I’m feeling confident on the ‘hood) in a Braes____ neighborhood. Could be any Braes____ neighborhood, which according to Wikipedia means Braeswood Place: Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, Braes Manor, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest, and Southern Oaks. Seems like there are a thousand more Braes___ options, though.

  • Near Bonnie Brae & Graustark, the Rossmoyne addition.

  • It feels like a overly renovated Wilchester house to me. Knowing Gus, it’s probably in Clute.

  • Yah. Late 70s upscale. Artsy, collecty. Notice the trompe l’oeil painting on the brick above the stove. I’m thinking the kitchen was done several years ago, the bathrooms more recently. Can’t disguise that 70s fireplace, though. This is one of the newer original houses in Meyerland, just outside the loop. Probably not far from the Formica House and the late lamented Carousel House.

  • Shall I play or not? The paneling and the high ceilings indicate an “upscale” neighborhood. Probably 70s or 80s construction. Could be Memorial or 1960.

    But it has that townhouse feel. One of the upscale townhome developments in the Galleria area along Yorktown and Sage or Memorial along North Post Oak. An expensive townhouse that’s been upgraded from time to time through the years.

    Why no “peeky through the windows” shots?

  • I also think this dates from the ’70s or early ’80s. There are very few windows – probably the only windows in the front are just below the vaulted ceiling. It’s not big, but the paneling and remodeled kitchen and baths indicate it’s in a nicer area. I don’t think this is a townhouse. I visualize this place with a circular drive across a small front yard.

    I’m going to guess this is just South of Memorial City Mall, maybe on Gessner.

  • Westhaven Estates??

  • I’m going to guess a townhome near Bering and Augusta.

  • An updated 80’s kickerillo home in one of the fleetwood neighborhoods (memorial and highway six)

  • I am going to guess that they shop at the Kroger’s on Montrose, just south of Westheimer.

  • Riverside Terrace.

  • I’d say anywhere in a mile or two vicinity from Memorial and 610. Either that, or somewhere out in SL/Richmond.

  • It appears to be a two-story home. High ceilings in the living room and what appears to be the master bedroom. Lower ceilings in the kitchen and another bedroom so the second story is a wing over the kitchen area. The paneling is the clue. 1960, Galleria, Memorial at 610, and Sugar Land come to mind. Sugar Creek and Quail Valley in particular. There are several subdivisions in the 1960 area that have these types of homes. The ones I’m thinking of are along Cypresswood and Louetta. Possibly West Houston in the “Energy Corridor” but these are higher ceilings than builders put in when those homes were built. The high ceilings are the other clue. And I am clueless today so clues don’t help.

  • Time for another guess……
    How about Prestonwood Forest?

  • East of Eden.

  • I’ll take another shot at it. Woodlands.

  • The place seems Dickinsonian. Perhaps it’s some place along Dickinson Bayou or opposite, maybe Champions Forest.

  • I agree with Woodlands. But the oldest part of the Woodlands.

  • My second guess will be that River Oaks Lite neighborhood between Shepherd and Kirby, north of Westheimer.

  • I say woodlands, or champions? The paneling is why I think this…..

  • We already know it’s not Woodlands or Champions or any of the other areas guessed at before today. But the paneling does have that 1960 area look. But I’ve seen it in other areas.

    I still say it’s on a golf course. An upscale patio home. Something about the height of the ceiling in the living room and dining room and the master bedroom. We know it’s not Champions or Raveneaux or Inwood Forest or Lakeside or Quail Valley or Sugar Creek. That leaves only a couple of country clubs. Could be Pecan Grove. Could be Tanglewood I suppose overlooking Houston Country Club but those are not patio homes. Ah, the mystery.

  • The paneling is the main clue but the ceiling height is what is so mysterious – not just a high ceiling. Not a two story ceiling. It’s a one and one-half story ceiling. Wherever it is, I suspect it is a custom home. Some built custom homes in “tract” subdivisions which is what I’m wondering about – some other possibilities could be Bellaire, the Museum District, Willow Meadows, Linkwood, the “Ashford” subdivisions along Briarforest west of Kirkwood, the older subdivisions in Pearland and Friendswood along Clear Creek, Bay Oaks in Clear Lake. So many possibilities. I still do wonder about the golf course. It just has that feel of the patio homes along so many country club golf courses that were built in the 70s and 80s. Usually kitchens are a clue. You can’t see enough of this one. And it appears to have been recently updated.

    Vatican City. Maybe it’s part of Villa de Matel and the diocese is selling it for extra cash. Artifacts excluded.

  • Could be Briargrove Park, which I forgot about when I was thinking about the “Ashford” subdivisions, or maybe in Spring Valley. There’s also Northfield in Fondren SW. Something about the kitchen. And that block paneling is in many of the homes both spec and custom. I never really thought about Northfield but the house would certainly fit right in.

    The only other areas I can think of would be the Lazy Brook/Timbergrove area and on the other side of 610 the Shepherd Forest/Brookhollow area.

    Maybe it is in Clute. Or Dallas.

  • Does “one of the subdivision listed in the front of the Key Map” qualify as a guess?

  • Inwood Forest or Bayou Bend, right around the old Inwood Forest golf course. Late 70’s remodeled in the early 90’s.

  • I already guessed Inwood Forest. Which was wrong. Maybe the Woodstone/Woodlake Forest/Hudson Oaks area although someone already guessed Gessner south of Memorial City Mall. Guess it depends on how picky Gus is. I had wondered about Tealwood which is the southwest corner of Gessner and Memorial and includes those patio homes on Gessner.

  • I’m going to say, I10, just before the beltway, northside of the highway. Second guess is Kingwood