Neighborhood Guessing Game: The Well-Paneled Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Media Room

Again with the Neighborhood Guessing Game: Help our lost home find its subdivision!

Remember the game’s 3 simple rules? We show you interior photos of a house on HAR. You guess what neighborhood it’s in, by adding your comment below. If you identify it correctly, you win!

Of course, the game is a whole lot more fun if you pepper your guess with explanations and comments. And we give special mention to commenters who are wrong about the neighborhood but spot-on with their observations.

If you know this home already, great! Go ahead and add your “guess.” Just don’t add any comments that ruin the game for everyone else.

More photos of today’s interior . . . after the jump!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Stair

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Library

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Dining Room

Think you know all about this house, huh? Pickin’ up any clues?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Sitting Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Room in Back

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 4: Bathroom

That’s it! Add your comments below. The answer will be revealed . . . Thursday!

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  • Wow, where to start? This looks like a house that has been added-on/remodeled 3x. The diamond paned glass windows give a hint that the house was originally constructed in the early 60’s. The split level master bedroom along with the converted garage to a media room are two of the major additions to space in this well loved home. From the decor it looks like the last interior redecoration took place around 1990. Oh, the pool is also not original. Obviously on a larger lot than most. Not Memorial area. I don’t know the neighborhood names, but it feels like it could be near the Medical Center off Macgregor.

  • It’s a large house, easily 4000+ square feet. I could go with 60’s construction as well, except one small detail stands out to me…and it might not mean anything. The hardware on the bathroom door in the last photo appears to be OLD. Not sure if it’s original to the house or something bought at an antique emporium. It really throws me because if the house is as old as the hardware indicates, then it likely isn’t in my first-guess area zip code 77024.

  • goodness gracious! Is the living room sunken? There is a whole lot going on here! The rock looks late 60’s. No clue where the random railing came from that leads to a book case?? Clearly at least 2 different sets of stairs as the railings are different. Im going way out on a limb here and heading north.. Oak Ridge North, that is!

  • Out in the boonies somewhere,and it had to be boonies that were built in the 1970s or early 80s: Northhampton (Spring)?

  • Definitely looks 60’s suburban with some updates to it. So the question is, where were the burbs in the 60’s or 70’s?
    I say Briar Forest (Memorial/Dairy Ashford area)

  • As touched on by HoustonAreaGuy, the bathroom looks OLD. A separate deadbolt and beadboard says 40’s or 50’s to me. Plus it looks like it been painted over at least 10 times. The latticed wall in the sun room says 70’s. The The kitchen screams early 80’s. The pool could be 80’s too. The bedroom looks 90’s. It’s clearly a big, older house. It looks like a house that’s had only one owner, but it’s someone who chose to partially renovate everytime oil prices spiked up. A large oak tree in the yard and azeleas outside the window make me think River Oaks, but the too close neighbor says Avalon Sqaure.

  • This looks like a lot of the late-1960s era houses I grew up around: the horrible wood paneling, the once-popular sunken living areas, the stone fireplace, the open air staircase, the not-updated-since-the-80s kitchen, etc. So I’m definitely going with west Memorial area (between Beltway 8 and Eldridge), specifically Yorkshire or Frostwood.

  • From the looks of the dated lattice-style windows, the kitschy kumbaya wood and stone elements in the living room, and the quintessential tacky golden ceiling fan and circular bulb lighting, we can definitely place this house as a late 1960s or possibly early ’70s suburban construction. The pool, which as others have pointed out is a later addition, betrays that while the lot is large enough to house a pool in the backyard, it is not quite big enough to house a pool and a guest residence or adequate privacy landscaping. Ergo, River Oaks is out of the question. Possibly Briar Forest, Bunker Hill or one of the other villages.

  • This is a real stumper. One time I looked at a home on Lexington, between Greenbriar and Kirby, and these pictures remind me of that remuddled place.

    Here are rooms with high ceilings and coved moldings – 1920’s? A bathroom door with hardware from the 20s or 30s. An enclosed porch. A master bed/bath addition. An updated galley kitchen. A greatroom addition, or enclosed garage?

    It seems like a house from the 40s to me. Don’t have a clue as to where. Southgate/Rice Village area? That’s the only neighborhood I’m familiar with full of homes from this era. Could also be Southmore/Riverside, but I think the updates indicate a more active real estate market than those neighborhoods have seen until recently.

  • Okay, I’m coming back in on this one. Looking at the mishmash of remodels, the “what the heck is that kitchen doing with that bedroom” and the close (but not too close) neighbors, I’m going to have to say that this is in an area that gets a little hot, then cools down, then gets hot again, then cools down again. It’s never really the hot area but it’s a nice place to live with fairly solid property values.

    I’m going for the communities in and around Braeswood Place on this one. Fits the timing and the upgrade quality. So I say it’s Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Manor, Braes Oaks, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest or Southern Oaks.

    Or it could be in Conroe.

  • This one is really tricky. I’m guessing a second-owner, very heavily modified MCM. I’m not even convinced that the second floor is original. Something about that stairway and the fireplace together just doesn’t seem right. There may have been a pop-up second story added. I’m not convinced about the house being pre-40’s vintage, though no one has mentioned the giant live-oak tree visible outside the dining room, and I’m not convinced about the pool not being original. Someone could have installed antique door hardware as part of trying to force this house into a “traditional” look. Master bedroom is also too big for a pre-40s house. I say second owner because a first owner probably wouldn’t remuddle the house this way, and would be rather old by now and unwilling to go through that much construction. Whoever owns it now is pretty frugal — the projection TV is quite obsolete now, and doesn’t fit in the room at all.

  • Oh, sorry, I didn’t say where! Afton Oaks. And Pat did mention the tree. My bad.

  • I’m just playing along at home. Gosh that was tough. I would have never “truly” guessed the correct age or neighborhood.

  • I ‘m late but I SWEAR I didn’t cheat – I have to say Old Braeswood – for sure, no doubt – 40s – the front is old english with the original windows and staircase – the back room was probably added in the 60s along iwth the pool. master bath is much newer. If it’s Old Braeswood, I SWEAR I didn’t cheat!!!! I’m so sure I’m right about this one. Finally. haha – I’m probably totally wrong.