Neighborhood Guessing Game: Time Out

Were you thinking about trying your luck with another Neighborhood Guessing Game? Now’s your chance!

If you can guess the location of the pictured home, you’ll win a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance. If more than one of you names the correct neighborhood, the prize will go to the player who provided the best explanation for the guess.

As usual, if you know this home already — or if you come across it while we’re playing — please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the game for all the other players. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing — so we know what you’re doing — and then make an incorrect guess. Make it sound plausible — enough to throw other players off track — and you’ll get special recognition when the answer is announced. And if nobody guesses the correct neighborhood, you could win the prize!

How about we look around the place for a bit?


So many clues! But which ones to follow?

Your guesses go in the comments! We’ll announce the answer on Thursday.

Update, 12/3: The surprise winner!

Photos: HAR

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  • A tastefully updated home. The kitchen and bath gives you a few hints about the original age. I am surprised the bathroom has not been updated but it looks in good shape. Too early in the AM and I am drawing a blank. Friendswood.

  • What is that crazy kitchen doing in this otherwise tastefully maintained home off of Ella Blvd. in Timbergrove, Lazybrook, or one of the “brick house” sections of Oak Forest??

  • I can see this being one of the nicer places in that up-and-coming Westbury area. I’ll bet there’s a master bath we didn’t get to see. Could also be Willowbrook, I guess. Looks 60s tract-ish but well maintained and updated. Those horizontal high windows in the boys bedroom certainly help with that 60s vibe. The age and rather conservative decorating approach coupled with the generic furniture in the kids bedrooms make me think this is Grandma and Granddad’s house instead of a young yuppie family trying to trade their easy commute for suburban schools.

  • Yeah when I first looked at this, it smacked of something from the late 50’s, 60’s or early 70’s and Oak Forest came to mind. Timbergrove, Shepherd Forest and Lazybrook are also good guesses. Spring Branch, Sharpstown and Meyerland/Westwood are also good choices.

  • What is my hall bath doing on Swamplot? Willowbend.

  • This is a cute little ranch in a neighborhood full of new McMansions. The owners have done what they can with low cost improvements like paint and funky countertops, but there is no motivation to invest in the big changes, like new cabinets in the kitchen or a renovated bath. Braes Heights or Ayrshire.

  • Old AC vents and kitchen cabinets, other stuff updated… Timbergrove

  • While the funky kitchen floor throws me off a bit, I’m going to guess based on the traditional furniture that they are Afton Oaks-dwellers.

  • Sorry – Afton Oaks OR Lynn Park (behind Highland Village). That whole area has that real estate tension between renovating old ranches or mowing them down to build a brand-new faux-something.

  • I think I’ve seen this house at some point. Timbergrove South of 11th, East of TC Jester. Well done renovations, but the rooms are kind of small, as is typical for the area.

  • The tiled bathroom counter gives this away as 50’s or 60’s construction, which leads me to believe that the den with the vaulted ceiling is an addition. Subprimelandguy took my first guess, so I’m going to say Spring Branch, south of Long Point.

  • Old Braeswood

  • Timbergrove Manor, NORTH of 11th; WEST of TC Jester. Not flooded by Allison, but by the looks of the kitchen, should have been.

    Or maybe it was deluged, and after, they swapped out the hardwoods, but kept the kitchen and bathroom floors.

    But the higher windows whisper Braeburn Valley….

  • Too many Timbergroves going on here. I keep thinking there is something significant about the round AC vents and the minty fresh bathroom. The muses are unavailable today as they are on the lookout for snow. Perhaps later I can be specific.

  • Braeburn Valley.

  • Bellaire, probably inside loop 610. The high ceilinged room looks like an addition.

  • This looks very similar to my grandparent’s old house in Maplewood right down to circular vents. Maplewood is my answer but I think that this type home might be found a mile or two outside the loop in almost any direction.