Neighborhood Guessing Game: View to a Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: View from Kitchen

It’s time for our second round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game! A quick review of the rules: We show photos of the interior of a house on HAR. You guess what neighborhood it’s in, in the comments. Simple enough, huh?

If you already know this house, feel free to add your “guess” below — just don’t ruin it for everyone else by stating that you are correct and how you know it.

Ready for more pics of this week’s property? See below!


Again, the first commenter to guess the correct precise neighborhood wins the game . . . but readers who provide solid and entertaining backup for their guesses will get special mentions. What clues can you find in these photos?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Living and Dining Rooms

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: Bedroom

Game results and the answer . . . on Thursday!

Photos: HAR 

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  • The wood floors, plaster walls, and curved passageway from room to room make me think… Montrose.

  • I’m thinkin Woodlands Heights bungalow or perhaps one of the near east side hoods.

  • First guess, Houston Heights. But upon further inspecition, I have my doubts since there is a brick house next door with a horribly inappropriate iron fence. Also, the painted over windows on the front door give evidence that it is in a high crime neighborhood.

  • Bellaire, TX. Interior of future teardown.

  • This could be almost any neighborhood inside the loop. I don’t think it’s Bellaire. I don’t think it’s Montrose – too new. Nor the Heights, too new. Maybe around the dome – south of Old Braeswood. Eek – I don’t know!!!! We need more clues here.

  • Okay, so I am 99% sure this is Montrose (given what appears to be the date of construction, the nicer interior with bars on the windows, and seeing these room transitions throughout Montrose) BUT I’m going to say Midtown instead. Only because there’s no glory in being second to get it right.

  • I think it has to be in Eastwood or Idylwood on the east end……..

  • Brooksmith…innerloop east of Sunset Heights, west of I-45, between Calvalcade and North Main. Sunset Heights is my second guess.

  • Lindale Park

  • Although the rounded interior arch looks like what USED to exist in Montrose, the furniture looks not so much. I’m going to buck the trend and hop across 288 to Washington Terrace, or maybe one of the smaller houses in Riverside Terrace.

  • Definitely a gentrifying area. New behemoth next to a bungalow with no central AC. Heights I think. Second guess would be Cherryhurst.

  • Heights … somewhere around Studewood & 11th

  • Riverside Terrace

  • This is a one-story house built in the 30s on the cheap. Even the kitchen update was done at low cost. The bricks next door are so close and the gold-tipped iron fence so ugly that it really could be West U, but then this would be a tear-down, so why show interior house images on HAR? I’m going to guess Montrose, west of the boulevard.

  • Southgate. Med Center/Rice area. My only hesitation is Gus (perhaps) wouldn’t list a neighborhood next door to West U. after posting a West U. house last week!

  • It’s definitely a refurbished bungalow built in the 30’s – 40’s with older brick homes in the neighborhood. I think it’s in the east end (Eastwood,) or in the transtional Calvalcade area (Brookesmith or Lindale Park).

    Can I still win with 3 guesses?

  • I’m guessing West of Mandell, north of 59, south of Westheimer and east of Shepherd, in the 77098 zip code. Winlow Place or one of the smaller neighborhoods nearby.

  • Concur about Washington Terrace. Might also be over by the Orange Show.