Neighborhood Guessing Game: When Window Met Wall

We’re all ready to go with this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game! All you need to do is have a gander at these photos, then decide where the pictured home is located.

If you guess correctly, we’ll declare you the winner and give you a hearty virtual pat on the back. But we’re only patting one back here: If more than one player guesses the correct neighborhood, the person who provided the best explanation for the guess will be declared the winner.

As usual, this is a game for guessers. If you already know this property, or if you find it online while we’re playing, please don’t blurt out the answer and ruin the fun for everyone else. Instead, you’re invited to mess with the game a bit — provided you follow these rules: First, send Swamplot a link to the listing, so we know what you’re trying to do. Then submit an incorrect guess, to throw the other players off. Just make it sound super plausible. If you do this well, you’ll earn special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!

Here are the rest of the pix:


Look carefully! See anything out of place?

Your guesses go in the comments! And come on back here on Thursday to find out the answer.

Update, 2/18: We’ve got that answer for you!

Photos: HAR

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  • Again with the 80’s tract houses! It’s Sugar Land, probably built in 1980 or so. The husband is a manager for a remodeling company and the wife fancied herself a decorator in the 80s. That’s how they got so many different finishes in a comparatively small, not too expensive, house. That tree outside could easily be 30 years old.
    Looks like Dad got a deal on the rustic potty paneling because both bathrooms have it. If you wanna feel like you’re at a hunting lodge, all you have to do is use the toilet! Tile in the living room — that’s a little weird, maybe it’s carpet tile which would be really weird.

  • Man, Marmer, you’re fast. You took my first guess. Sure looks like a house I once rented in that neighborhood near Lexington and Williams Trace in Land O’ Sugar. Since guess #1 is taken, I’ll go with the Bissonnet/ Hwy. 6 area. This place sure makes me feel cold and sad inside.

  • Katy.

  • I think it’s older than the 80’s. I think 1970 at the latest. A mature tree in front, too, and a pretty deep setback from the street. I say somewhere near Hobby.

  • My guess it was built in the 70s by the defunct General Homes. The pipes froze in the 80s so they used the opportunity to pull up the builder’s grade carpet and put in the latest and greatest of flooring trends – ceramic tile. Really, I know of someone who did this very thing after the big freeze. My guess is somewhere along the Beltway near Scarsdale – south of Hobby.

  • I say Sugarland as well but more specifically Townewest or Covington Woods.

  • Just north of Westheimer and west of the Beltway (near Briarforest & Wilcrest)

  • All the tile tells me League City. I like the skylights in the living room, but other than that, not too many redeeming qualities.

    I could live with most of the questionable wallpaper choices, but not the bathroom’s doll border. That’s creepy… all the watching… and judging…

    The angle that the shower/toilet photo was taken is crazy; the shower looks like it is about 6 inches deep. Must be the tile playing tricks!

  • Definitely from the early 70s, Age of Inflation: If one texture/color/pattern is good, then two of them are better.

    Typical of the era: louvered closet doors (sagging), scalloped roll-shades, profiled window valance, wood everywhere with “fruitwood” stain, little-paper-cup dispenser on the wall, wall-paper borders, little knobs on flush doors.
    But the house could be anywhere, even The Woodlands where my own ‘74 Special resided! It had the diagonal rough-cedar boards on the fireplace bump-out (and the dust which collected there surely added to the fire hazard.)
    One thing which seems ATYPICAL to me: the tall ceiling in Dining.
    It looks like a well-maintained home and clean as a whistle – even those shower doors.

  • Unrenovated Lazybrook, or maybe Shepherd Park Plaza or somewhere else just NW of 610. Grandma finally moved out and the kids have this place on the market for lot value.

  • Nottingham Country.

  • Aha! Oak Forest section 20 if mammary serves me correct. It’s the section between Antoine, 43rd and 290. This and section 21 were the last two sections of Oak Forest to be built…. and in the 70’s which is what this appears to be.

    However, this could be any number of 70’s era suburban subdivisions around the Houston area for that matter. There should be guestimates all over the map on this one.

  • It’s like Amy Carter and a couple of her friends could appear at any minute for milk and cookies in that kitchen. I bet there’s old Congoleum “never wax” tile under the 80’s ceramic.

  • I think it’s Garden Oaks. If I could see the yard, I’d be a lot more certain!

  • Have to agree with EllieMae. This looks typical of an area around I-45 S and Tollway off Scarsdale. These were built in mid-late 70’s, mostly 3-4 BR, 2 Bath. This one’s a corner lot with mature trees; probably around $130K.