Neighborhood Guessing Game: Window Seats

Back again with another Neighborhood Guessing Game! Are you ready to play?

You know the drill. We’re still playing under the same old rules — for now: You look at the photos below. You start to get a sense of place. Maybe you start to get a little sleepy. But then you shake that off, and scroll to the bottom of the page so you can enter your guess of this home’s neighborhood in the comments. And you explain your brilliant methods of photographic deduction.

Got it? Let’s see those photos, then:


You’ve got to know where this place is, no? No?

That’s all the photo lookin’ you get — for now. There’ll be a few more when the answer is revealed Thursday!

Update: Here’s your answer!

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  • First guess: Memorial.

  • Memorial? Where else would you find theater seating in an entry way? The sagos are fairly old and the shade hints at densely wooded establishment. Possibly Tanglewood, but the bar doesn’t appear to be stocked in a style befitting River Oaks.

  • Whoa! That’s mighty white, and with no apparent signs of life! Love that living room shot, with the enormous TV next to the fireplace and the curvy white sofa sectional. Dear readers, remember that image as a period piece. Also notable is the upstairs playroom complete with (wet?) bar and red accent ball. Woo-hoo!

    Judging from the expanses of lebensraum, the carefully recessed lighting, the verdant views through the many windows, and the very proper ceramic stylings of the kitchen & bath, I would venture somewhere in the Briar Forest/Memorial nexus, but not too deep into the Villages.

  • Sugar Land? Entry looks too ostentatious for River Oaks. Seems more like a wannabe macmansion in a newer (80’s or 90’s) burb.

  • The wet bar is saying 1960/Champions Forest to me.

  • I dunno. I think Memorial/Tanglewood is too easy. This is a big place, and it’s givin’ me the 80s vibe, too. I’ll go with The Woodlands, ‘cuz there were some big places built out there in those days. Somehow I just think a closer, wealthier hood would have classier stuff and better decor in a house this big.

  • I’m going with Crestwood (just east of Memorial Park on Memorial Drive).

  • Is that kitchen tile a pinkish color? Or is my monitor off? I just noticed that the toilet is under a cabinet so the owners must be short.

  • Expansive rooms, painted brick, ceiling beamlets, applied molding on cabinets say early to mid 70’s to me.
    I’m guessing off FM-1960: Huntwick or Olde Oaks.
    Well updated IMO – I’ll bet there’s been only one owner!

  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Pasadena out near the lake.

  • Seeing the entry, I immediately thought of Crestwood but after determining this is a mid 70s remodel and most of the teardown/rebuilding started in the 90s, I am going with Champion Forest in the vicinity of Raveneaux Country Club. They did a nice job–the house almost looks staged but who has carpet in their family room any more?

  • I thought the first picture had such promise but then the scroll-down – Yech! My favorite part is the wallpaper in the wet bar. I’m calling Clear Lake.

  • For some reason the entry screams Sugar Land to me – either Sugar Creek (near the country club) or Sweetwater… The dated decor screams of the flight to the suburbs in the 80s and it looks like they went bust shortly after since the house hasn’t been touched since. Perhaps someone who was in a S&L scandal?

    It could be the Memorial Villages, perhaps Hunter Creek Village, but I really think the house is outside the beltway…

  • I’m going with one of the villages, say Hedwig?

  • Ok – first thought Memorial, then Sugarcreek – all mentioned here. I thought this was a house, but now I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a large townhouse. The proportions are very odd, the ceilings are very low but the entry ceiling is huge. it is very ugly – very ugly!! yuck.

    I say a townhouse – in the Galleria-Post Oak area. Could you be anywhere really. But that’s my guess!! I’m sure it’s wrong.

  • Finally! The 80’s are back! I l-o-v-e this house. Why can’t everyone get as excited about this jewel as they were slobbering over the 60’s time capsule in Katy? Obviously there are NO kids and NO pets in this household. I’m going for River Oaks. Maybe this one belongs to the one who got out of the S&L scandal with his loot. And shame on Cathy for writing “Entry looks too ostentatious for River Oaks.” I would take them to task for the size of the purple shag rugs though…Isn’t that a framed and signed photo of Pat Benatar on the desk in front of the window?

  • tcpIV wrote: “Why can’t everyone get as excited about this jewel as they were slobbering over the 60’s time capsule in Katy?”
    Because this house shows no signs of life! It’s got good bones, but it doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies as it’s currently decorated. It’s a sterile white box.
    I have no idea where this house is, but I’ll guess Kingwood.

  • This looks like one of those stupid-huge homes Kickerillo built in the 80s. Too large of trees for Katy. Im saying Twin Lakes/N Eldridge area.

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  • I agree with the previous vote for Ravenaux up in Champions Forest. There are some grandiose 80s homes up there.

  • I have to say League City, somewhere near Marina del Sol off of Twin Oaks Blvd. The homes are large and built for “new credit” as opposed to old money.