Neighbor’s Security Cam Video Catches Inner Loop Googie Condo-Eating Monster in the Act

If you’re trying to justify the expense and hassle of mounting and maintaining a capable security cam outside your home, shouldn’t the ability to capture timelapse footage of demolition crews as they quickly dispose of cute fifties condo complexes across the street tip the scales in favor? Here’s a sample benefit: the above video from the Nest camera of Bill Curry, which documents in quickly digestible form the final dozen-plus hours last Friday of the 26-unit Googie-style complex at the southeast corner of Welch and Revere streets adjacent to River Oaks — as it gets eaten from behind by a Komatsu track excavator.

Another possible benefit: A much longer timelapse documenting the construction of the 32-unit 9-story condo midrise Pelican Builders now plans to put on the site.

Video: Bill Curry

Nest to Nothing, Next to River Oaks

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  • Awesome. I don’t know if the camera was intentionally focused on that activity, but there otherwise seems to be a big blind spot for anyone approaching the building that it allegedly protects.

  • Good catch Neil! HO risked a break-in to get this footage, but it is fun!
    At one point, after the chopping down and before the crunching up, it looks like the shovel pauses to catch its breath!