New Apartments Will Be as Close as They Can Get to the TMC Without Stepping into the Bayou

And here, from a reader perched at the top level of MD Anderson’s Braeswood Garage at Braeswood Blvd. and Pressler St., are photos of the land- and tree-clearing going on for the new just-across-the-bayou-from-the-Med Center apartments that Mill Creek Residential is going ahead with — after abandoning plans for a slightly larger complex (as close as it could get to Dynamo Stadium without crossing Dowling) in East Downtown. The photos are taken looking south, over Brays Bayou; the TMC South Extension Lot is behind the site, which fronts Wyndale.


The bayou-side site at 1755 Wyndale St. measures 2.5 acres. The 6-story, 265-unit complex will be called, confusingly, Premier Medical Center — and be clad in stucco and masonry.

Photos: Swamplot inbox. Renderings: Hensley Lamkin Rachel, Inc.

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  • More shoddy construction using the faux-luxury moniker. At least they’ll partially block the “view” of the ugly parking lot.

  • this place needs first floor retail on piers so it wont flood!

  • My beloved hometown is kinda reminding me of the Towns that I used to build in the original Sim City.

    I would never really let the thing develop on its own. I would demo stuff and rebuild and use the “cheats” so that my Town was just a kinda jumbled mess with lotsa cars and people moving around!

    Would put in the fancy landmarks available from the cheats anywhere that they looked good! Museum next to a cemetery next to a river between two elevated freeways next to the Medical Center!

    Kinda like Houston today!

  • I hope each apartment comes with a pair of hip-waders. Over the years there has been considerable subsidence at the TMC, as revealed after the Allison disaster, due no doubt to the weight of all the TMC egos (not of the buildings, as is commonly misapprehended).

  • We need more developments like this south of the bayou. I’d love to see more along South Main.

  • Damn, that’s awfully close to the bayou. We not only have to worry about flooding from Brays Bayou in the TMC, but also from Harris Gully, which runs underground and surfaces right across the street from this project: No, thanks!

  • More cookie cutter architecture….more apartments.

  • Stupid Dallas Developers TMC already has way too much…..they should’ve just went with the EaDo apts…..