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  • Re: Finn Hall – I miss the 80’s and power lunches when it was acceptable to have a beer during the day. This sounds like a great place to have one of those power lunches of days gone by. *sigh*

  • A great addition and makes it even more a shame Metro bumbled an icon station design for that block

  • Acceptable to have a beer during the day? Day drinking occurs regularly at any number of bars along and around Main Street on a daily basis. Poke your head into Flying Saucer or Bird Dog Saint, both across the street from Finn Hall, sometime for confirmation.

  • Neil you are correct but it is no longer acceptable some companies… especially mine! If we drink during the day at a luncheon retirement or someone celebrating a milestone company anniversary we must leave for home immediately after. We cannot return to work.

  • HouCynic: Crazy. I’m drinking right now at 2:41 on a Monday. Then again, I’m also not wearing pants.