Wienerschnitzel’s New Caney Premiere; Origin Stories of the Energy Corridor; Boomtown Heading to Understory Food Hall

Photo of downtown skyline: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I’d agree generally that it would be great for us to preserve more historic structures; I’m not sure that “an actor who was famous 75 years ago stayed here” is something I would consider qualifiying as “historic.”

  • There are older buildings that contribute architecturally, those that are landmarks within neighborhoods, and those of historic interest.
    Granted, it’s not in the same historic league as a house where Washington slept, or where Betsy Ross sewed the first flag, but it was fun to point it out and relate the Clark Gable story. It was a local landmark, and architecturally pleasing. While it may not have possessed any one of the above qualities to a great degree, it had some of each. The whole was greater than the sum of its parts.
    I can’t imagine anyone proudly saying “Look at those townhomes! You might not believe it, but they’re brand new! And no famous person ever spent time there!”
    Yeah, I get it. Someone’s hoping to make money. Still, it would have been nice if a little time and effort had been put into finding someone who would have appreciated these buildings. These people exist.