New Disco Kroger Now Ready To Handle Montrose Hustle

The only thing remotely “disco” about the newly completed renovation of the Kroger at 3300 Montrose Blvd., aka Disco Kroger: The tiny lights inside the new letters on the newly stone-clad entrance. And they’re now covered in plastic. No disco ball in sight. But inside the 41,000-sq.-ft. store, it’s all hustle: Most of the checkout lanes are now express lanes, designed to get shoppers with less than 20 items out the door as quickly as possible. A new QueVision system monitors the number of customers and open lanes, helping cashiers predict how many will need to be open in the next half-hour:


The 9-month renovation — its third since opening in 1978 — was completed without ever closing the 24-hour store. While the streamlined checkout and new prepared-food sections seem focused on getting customers in and out, there’s also a new mezzanine-level lounge, with wi-fi and TV:

Taller ceilings, new clerestory windows, concrete floors, 3-D signage, and leafy squiggles on the walls bring the store closer in line with the national chain’s more recent stores.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • I guess with that new limestone clad exterior we’ll have to rename it “Pretending to Be In Austin Kroger”. Only posers can shop there now.

    Times Change. I know. But this is fucking pathetic.

  • an amazing transformation of what was a shitbag store the last time i was in there. wish they could offer some kind of crusty-dude-looking-me-up-and-down repellant, if only for those of us who take our [biological] kids shopping.

  • Thank God it’s ready – I’ve about had it with River Oaks Kroger.

  • When I was living in Atlanta, 2006-2008, there was/is a “Disco Kroger” at Piedmont and Peachtree streets. It too, was renovated while I was living there. Yes, Kroger did keep the disco ball in place that hangs over the entrance.

  • I’m tired of the bad service at River Oaks/W.Gray Kroger and the constant errors in ringing things up in the produce dept ( example:ringing up expensive mushrooms when I have plain old white mushrooms, $7 pound difference) the Montrose Kroger has always had friendly cashiers that do greet you, but it had been such a dump for so long.

  • It will always be disco kroger as long as the patrons remain the same.

  • I think the new Kroger looks amazingly better. Happy to see the upgrade as this is where we go for quick items monday-Friday (we live down the street)
    Big weekend shopping is still at CM and requires a drive
    And to “Bernard”… realx. Geeze. Did Mr. Kroger run over your dog or something? Did your dad die an a freak limestone accident?

  • It’s a good renovation. The architects did a good job. The store works better and it is a much more attractive place to shop.

  • Sure is pretty, but I bet they’ll still throw your milk on top of the avocados at checkout.

  • I love my Disco Kroger, and the people who work there are so nice. I don’t know what they do to the folks at the River Oaks location, but I agree with @katydidnot and @honestbroker – a high proportion of rude, inattentive staff. And it’s been that way for a long time!

    I hope Disco Kroger and Fiesta make it after HEB moves in.

  • Seems like most the folk in employ at the Cougar Kroger on W. Gray are straight outa da hood. Ghetto-fabulous.

  • It looks great.

    No self checkout lanes, though!

  • It wouldn’t be a disco if people weren’t there checking you out, Katie. Makes sense that half of Cougar Kroger is self-check…

  • i miss the self checkout, and the recorded voice that says ‘please proceed to register 3’ must drive the staff mad. i also am going to have to get used to going through the store clockwise, but i’m not switching stores. Cougar Kroger always seems unnecessarily huge and the location closest to me is Krappy Kroger, where they try to sell you the expired milk and hope you don’t notice that the cilantro is just parsley under the wrong label.

  • Cute Mel, clever too.

  • Floor, speed counters, wall art, signage…all reminscents of the H-E-B Central Market store. They could be twins, interior design-wise. Not exactly “original,” unless you consider the eubequitous fad to boutiq-ify every normal store original. Booooring, not to mention redundant. Then again, with so many “stars” trying to upstage each other, its hard to find one’s spotlight.

  • @mek ju – Please take your homophobic self and [biological] kids shopping elsewhere. Montrose doesn’t want you.

  • I’m sorry but I honestly believe that the remodel did more damage than good. The store looks great and flows fine BUT, the store grew and so did the attitude and the uselessness of the staff. Now there are more twits to stand around and do nothing while looking at you like you’re stupid when you ask them a question. I can’t wait for HEB!

  • The new store is fine and a definite improvement. However, I don’t appreciate being charged the price of snow peas/lb for a red onion.

  • You can take the kroger out of the disco, but you can never take the disco out of the kroger.