New Funding for Texas Flood Control Projects; Houston Flood Museum in the Works

Photo of Elysian Viaduct: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Maybe the Houston Flood Museum can take over the real estate from the permanently submerged Johnny Steele Dog Park

  • Re: Houston Flood Museum
    Ridiculous to have such a thing – the whole city is a flood museum. We’re living in it. Right now.

  • I hope the Flood Museum periodically fills with water.

  • Regarding the Houstonia article. “Kicking in garage doors to turn off breakers to prevent electrocution” during the flood. That’s pretty stupid on a couple of levels and someone is lying or lucky not to have been shot.

  • @Joe: Sounds like you don’t deserve to have firearms. You would have killed someone trying to help.
    Please don’t shoot me for picking up litter in front of your yard. “But he was on my lawn!! He was a threat!!”

  • LOL at “I hope the Flood Museum periodically fills with water.”

  • Re: La Colombe d’Or

    I’ve always had a soft spot for La Colombe d’Or. A gazillion years ago (34 to be exact) a friend and I walked up off the street to peek in the front door. The staff invited us in, then suggested we go upstairs and look at all the rooms since no guests were staying there at the time. Have no idea if they’re still so welcoming now.

  • HIBTK- 1 Picking up trash can’t be confused with looting2- It’s not helping and the power is still on to the breaker box from the main drop. If you’re standing in water and reach into that box you can die instantly. It’s irresponsible for you or that article to tell people they are helping. 3-Aren’t you the one that hates people that drink Bud Light from a can? Stick with important stuff like that.

  • The flood museum will not be a building. This information is in the article, but have fun I guess.

  • @Joe: Great memory! Yes, that is me complaining about litter. It’s just the lower income demographic who buys “gas station” beer. Cheap beer (a long with cigarettes and fast food) really puts a strain on our streets.
    I just picked up a Bud Light can in the street this morning! Demographics and parenting are a wild thing. Why can’t the lower class just use trash cans!? The less fast food, cigarettes, and cheap beer you have the better.
    Have a good weekend.

  • HIBTK-you too! Maybe you’re alright.

  • I haven’t read the article as a ‘Flood Museum’ seems a bit too on the nose. I am guessing that the convention center folks aren’t gonna be touting that one…