New H-E-Bs for Lake Jackson and Cypress; Breweries for Whole Foods, Petrol Station

southwest freeway

Photo of the Southwest Freeway: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I love the photo. It looks like it should be in Katy, but it’s not.

  • The Lake Jackson HEB is going in on the site of the original duplex housing designed for war workers by Alden Dow in 1942. These were the first houses built in Lake Jackson, and it is the site of the tallest trees in a residential area. Those duplexes had mostly become poorly maintained rental housing, and were never particularly architecturally significant, anyway, so there wasn’t necessarily a lot of interest in saving them. They were certainly historically important and warmly remembered by many who grew up there. The Lake Jackson City Council is very much on board with redeveloping the area, and we can only hope that HEB does something like they did on the Wilshire Village property to build an attractive building and preserve large trees.