New Hong Kong Market Moving in Close to Hobby

The long-rumored fifth Hong Kong Market will soon take over this former flea-market building (on the right in the photo) just southwest of the intersection of Airport Blvd. and the Gulf Freeway, a reader reports. Work is already going on inside the building, which was originally a Sam’s Club. The 2 pagoda-themed strip buildings flanking the building’s parking lot that were put up a few years ago are still mostly empty — only a pho restaurant and a nail salon have moved in. The Pulgita con Aire, aka the National Marketplace flea market, now has its own building with an attached parking garage directly south of its former home (barely visible in the background between the 2 buildings), along Mosley Rd. at 9820 Gulf Fwy. D. Back in February, the owners of the Hong Kong Market agreed to pay $1.8 million in back wages and a $200,000 fine for underpaying the Houston grocery chain’s workers and misleading investigators about its labor practices.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • This was built as a Gemco store originally, then, after Gemco went out of business, it became Sam’s Club.

  • My other half worked at NASA in the 60’s and remembers shopping at that Gemco store many times.

    Might be interesting to research that building. It was indeed a Sam’s Club and we joined almost immediately. I believe it stayed a Sam’s until the Fuqua store was opened.

  • Definitely was 1st a Gemco location. Used to shop at that location when I lived in that part of town. Also got hit by by a red light runner once at that intersection after shopping there. Ah H-town trivia.

  • My Dad bought me a Sony Triniton (that still works today) at the GEMCO back in early 80s.

    They had the COOLEST Packinko machines and I wanted one so bad but that’s life as an 11 year old!!!

  • Does anyone know the address of this new Hong Kong food market? thank you!