New I-45 Billboard Goes Up, Just in Time to Save the Astrodome?

The reader who sends this photo from this morning’s commute — on I-45 North near Canino — says it appears workers were “just putting up” this “Save the Dome” sign from on the billboard this morning. “I drive by there every day and I don’t remember seeing it [before today],” the reader reports. The campaign ad in support of Harris County Proposition 2 on today’s ballot — which will determine the fate of the Astrodome — is visible going northbound on the freeway. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I agree with the sentiment, however maybe this should have been put up weeks ago. Perhaps they’re going for impact today and if it had been up for weeks reminding people it might have had less impact today. At any rate, it’s a resplendent sign and hopefully an accurate prediction.

  • I noticed one on 59N just yesterday, but travel that way nearly every day.

    I suppose everything associated with the dome’s fate must be late, poorly organized and satisfying to no one.

  • At least it will be seen 24/7 by its targeted audience.

  • I’m more interested in the sign to the right of that sign! That’s something I can get excited about.

  • Dang!…The secrets out now!

  • “it’s a resplendent sign ”
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • Just like all of our sports teams, to little too late……

  • the sign has been there for at least a week -not sure what the workers are doing, but great job being vigilant!… also, isn’t it a wee bit dangerous taking photos while driving?

  • I just don’t get the “all-of-a-sudden” love & desire to save the dome. Much more historical buildings get torn down daily in Houston but now everyone is behind saving an out-dated dilapidated building that has clearly out-lived its usefulness. Tear the damn thing down, like they should’ve done when they built Reliant.

  • wonder if they will auction those off too? lol. I have a idea what about an ole fashion rent party to raise money? If we wanted to save The Dome our first priority should have been taking it out of the county’s hands. Any other land owner with a public eyesore on its property would have a yellow sign, a lean or Mayor Parker taking campaign photos in a bulldozer on “demolition day”. I voted YES and I think it will pass but the saga of The Dome being treated like a red-hair stepchild will continue. & please drive safe people. peace

  • #Ialreadyvotedyes

  • Despite having very fond memories of the Dome and being there for the last game ever played under its roof, I voted no. The time to re-purpose the Dome was 13 years ago, when it was still in reasonable shape. I certainly don’t want a tax increase to fund the latest Dome folly (and there have been many), and I don’t trust the Sports Authority to do what’s right.

  • The city should offer a straight trade with Lakewood Church for the old Compaq center…and then blow up the Compaq Center instead.

  • I think we need a referendum to abolish the Sports Authority, and probably the Port Authority also.

  • Well, the dome was voted down, so much for internal polls–the people have spoken, I can accept that, it’s a democracy, still it will be sad to see it imploded. I hope they do it soon.

  • I agree with erhed. . . Sports Authority, Port Authority. . . let’s get rid of them.

    The question of what to do with the Dome is a no-brainer. What would you do with your “old” home once you got moved into your new “dream home?” Would you sell it? Would you lease it out? Would you donate it to a charity or non-profit? Would you demolish it and get NOTHING from it in return?

    It would cost at least 200 million to 300 million dollars to replicate a structure/facility comparable to the dome and how there could be anyone in Houston in favor of demolition is unimaginable.

    In actuality, the referendum on Tuesday’s ballot was for the issuing of bonds totaling $215 million so that the Dome could be physically remodelled into a more versatile facility. Just because the referendum failed does not mean that the Dome will be demolished.

    Hopefully, there is a majority of Harris County Commissioners who will not implode $300 million worth of Harris County assets for a new parking lot. If not, then maybe we should get rid of some commissioners also.

    Houston, get real. Remember all the stadiums that the Chinese rushed to get completed for the Beijing Olympics? If we already have 2 right near each other why would we want to tear one down?

    If Harris County doesn’t want to spend money to repurpose it in 2013 then we should wait. . .maybe in another couple of years afterall, Innerloop real estate just keeps appreciating.

  • This billboard is representative of the plan to resuscitate The Dome: last-minute planning, and too late to do anything to affect the outcome.

  • The county still has to come up with the money to pay for the demo.

    I just hope it doesn’t become another parking lot.

  • I’m glad sanity and reason won over emotions and nostalgia.

  • Wasn’t the Sports Authority supposed to be temporary? I thought it was created to build Enron Park… or was it Reliant. Forget which…

  • Yay – Somebody who puts their money where their mouth is. True leadership. The dome is our most recognizable landmark and a testament to our city’s ingenuity and innovative spirit. … QUESTION: Would San Antonio tear down the Alamo? (No) … FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Does San Antonio have better tourism than Houston? (yes) … DOES SAN ANTONIO have more respect for historic buildings than Houston? (Yes it do).

    Anyway, I hate billboards. But I make an exception this time. I LOVE IT… plus I’m a little chapped with the Mayor for failing to support the Save the Dome movement.