New Idylwood Walmart on Fire; Fake Ambulance Food Truck Serves Emergency Espresso

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Photo of mural at Center and Parker: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Bikes should be kept on the driveway or on designated trails, they have no business on busy streets. I saw a fool riding down Westheimer by the galleria the other day, I was placing bets if he will get wacked one block down the street or two blocks down the street.
    I really didn’t care about bikers one way or the other until those Critical Mass Pedafiles (pedal lovers) started a war on cars.

  • @commonsense, I think the point of this whole current cycling discussion is to move Houston toward a system of “designated trails” for cyclists. This will happen both on the roads (as bike lanes) and off (as in the hike and bike trails), though I don’t think you’ll see a bike lane running down Westheimer any time soon.

  • Commonsense… then you should try to change the law to where they aren’t legal vehicles on the road. I would argue that they have all kinds of business on busy streets (as they do in nearly all major cities). What is the speed limit on Westhimer by the galleria? 30?

    The real offense in today’s headlines is that this Ambulance Food Truck is charging 3-5 bucks for fresh brewed coffee? Better be Kopi Luwak at that price… thats more than twice starbucks prices… you can get a French Press for 2 at any nice coffee shop in town for less than $5… rediculous.

  • It’s not surprising that the political wing that most stridently attacks cyclists on public roadways also, in its next breath, stridently attacks governmental spending on bike-only transit infrastructure.

  • Where are these bike attack stats, SF? Do you need time to come up with some?

  • I’m gonna need more time, Pfft. It appears nobody keeps quantifiable statistics of every time some crank on the internet complains that bicyclists shouldn’t be on the road.

  • @commonsense I bet you are against the metric system as well. An equally arrogant proposition is to ban cars within the loop and to keep your Tahoe in the burbs and off Westheimer.

    In the comments of the article they discuss that a bicyclist only risks his life and personal property (and the potential for minor property damage to others) and isn’t commanding a death mobile that has potential consequences for not only itself but everyone else on the road.