New Life for Palace Bowling Lanes Site; Bill Baldwin’s Heights Home Already Off the Market

Photo of Rice University: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That bullet train station tho!

  • Are the hang gliders in the exploded view of the train station part of the train station since they have their own callout? Does the bullet train double as a winch launch? Where exactly does a hang glider land in a metropolitan area the size of Houston?

  • I see that Fat Property just scooped up another Montrose apartment building.

    I live two doors down and my mother used to live across the street 30 years ago (and knew the owner)

    4202 Stanford. I actually saw the property hit the MLS but it was gone like a day later. Such a cool little building

  • Is it just me or does SmartAsset’s list of places for “growth and stability” appear heavily tied to oil & gas expansion, a notably very cyclical and unstable industry.

  • In a perfect world, the buyer of Baldwin’s house tears it down and moves three or four 1925-era bungalows, that are just fine as they are, onto the lot.

    Karma, baby.

  • C.L. – Priceless irony to call Baldwin a historic “preservationist”.

  • Oh, man, am I glad to hear they’re revitalizing Palace Lanes. When the fence went up around it last week, I’d not seen any news yet so I thought they were prepping it for demo. I do hope they keep the full lanes vs. shorter D&B style bowling, but any reuse of the facility is a win.