New Listing: Ye Olde Publick Outhouse

803 Allston Street

Just in case you require more evidence the Heights has changed forever, here’s a two-bedroom, one-bath 1930 bungalow for sale with a small freestanding workshop in the back. Sounds like the old Heights, right? Except that the workshop has been converted . . . into a pub. Seats three!

This is a little confusing. Weren’t backyard workshops for drinking anyway? And is this the part of the Heights that’s still dry?

After the jump, pics of the secret backyard get-out house.


Freestanding Pub in the Back Yard of 803 Allston Street

And inside . . .

Inside the 803 Allston Street Pub

Looks a little more upscale than a workshop. Is that a flat-screen TV in the upper right?