New Maps Show Expanded Floodplains; Post Oak Bus Lane Roadblocks; Tex-Mex Icon Irma’s Opens Downtown

Photo of 609 Main St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • if the building in that photo isn’t ripe for xmas decorations, I don’t know what is

  • Really sad to hear about Patrick Walsh. He wanted the best for Houston and loved his job, his wife and young son will be in my thoughts

  • The busway mess on Post Oak should be named “The Former Congressman John Culberson Not A Train”.

  • RIP Matt Walsh. That was not an easy job but he put his full effort into making Houston a better city.

  • Pat Walsh should be considered a saint for having to deal w/ City Planning Staff

  • Atlas 14 is not suggesting that Houston can expect to get more rainfall, but instead that Houston does get more rainfall than was described under the previous standards – and set a new standard more reflective of our actual, current rainfall amounts. It’s not predictive.