New Metro Trains Getting Bike Racks

NEW METRO TRAINS GETTING BIKE RACKS Metro is showing off the first of 19 new California-made Siemens H2 S70 trains it’ll be adding to its light-rail fleet. The first new cars in 9 years are updated versions of the line’s original 18-member fleet, with one notable difference: Metro will be outfitting them with 2 bicycle racks each, at the front and rear doorways. Photo: Metro

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  • Maybe they should consider cow catchers first…

  • A buffer for the many car/train accidents?

  • These cars are also a bit shorter. There’s less space between the end doors which is why they need the bike hooks. A bike doesn’t fit lengthwise between the doors.

  • Seems to me that cyclists will end up delaying the departure of trains from their stations on account of the extra time that it will take to stow their bikes.

    I don’t like it.

  • This will slow down the departure of the trains even more ! METRO needs to attach car/people catchers onto the front of ALL the trains,since some idiots drivers & pedestrians insist on walking in front of the trains !

  • Oh come on. This is a good thing. All you wierdo complainers should relax. Houston getting mass transit with bike racks is only a positive. Delay time? Deal with the extra 2 minutes so this city can crawl out of the prozomesomaicaian era.