New Midrise Apartments Going Up Near Sewage Treatment Plant on Brays Bayou

8877 Frankway Dr., Meyerland, Houston, 77096

A reader snapped a few shots of construction over at 8877 Frankway Dr.: a midrise apartment complex taking shape in a long-vacant strip of land next door to the Houston Orthodontics building and a ProGuard public storage facility, just west of where S. Braeswood jumps across Brays Bayou to become N. Braeswood. The project will fall into a row with the next-door Meritage and freeway-adjacent Halstead apartment complexes to the west, both on N. Braeswood between Frankway and the West Loop. Just east of the Proguard facility is the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, which accidentally released nearly 100,000 gallons of raw sewage into Brays Bayou and the surrounding area during this year’s Memorial Day flooding.

A crane is on the scene, and some preformed concrete segments have been trucked in:


8877 Frankway Dr., Meyerland, Houston, 77096

The property is being developed by the Allen Harrison Company, which lists the 284-unit complex as planned for completion in May 2016. The 2.7-ac. plot beneath the rising structure sold in January; construction permits were issued at the end of September.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Meyer Park

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  • Perhaps that explains the new Starbucks going up nearby on the NE corner of N. Braeswood and W. Loop. (Not that I usually get excited about a new Starbucks.) It’s a good locay in any event.

  • I live 1 mile south good no thank you there it to much traffic around Meyerland plaza as it is now

  • I hope this place and the Starbucks are on hydraulic lifts because the 500 year flood takes everything in the area every couple of years.

  • I wondered what they were asking for that corner since Exxon vacated a while ago. Also — what is required to build a restaurant type business on land that held gas tanks?

  • @Heather: Even if gasoline leaked into the soil, I’m pretty sure Starbucks will keep the coffee above ground.

  • One would hope. ;) Any criteria related to kitchen plumbing on land that held gas tanks?