New Movement on Midtown’s Playhouse Model and Former Adult Modeling Studio Block

Bagby at Drew streets, Midtown, Houston, 77003

The recently yellow-tagged building that once housed Aloha Modeling Studio has picked up a new companion of late, a reader notes: the trailer above, which was spotted last week settled in behind the children’s playhouse that hangs around at the corner of Bagby and Drew streets (sometimes with friends). Most of the lot has been kept cleared down to the dirt for the past few years, though the fence appears to be a new addition. That’s the parking garage of the second CityPlace Midtown apartment building on the left; below is a shot of the playhouse on the eastern side of the lot, with the glowing tip of 1600 Smith St. (née Continental Center I) peeking over its right shoulder:


Bagby at Drew streets, Midtown, Houston, 77003

The lot sits across Drew St. from the former home of the Houston Women’s Bowling Association, and catty-corner from the warehouse labeled in faded cursive script as the Bunch Mclendon Film & Video Studio.

Photos: Chi-Char-Hou-Dal

Set Up on Bagby

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  • I would love to start seeing some development in this area of midtown. The stretch of bagby between mcgowen and tuam is pretty dead. That old store on the corner across from Harry’s is just sitting there rotting away.

  • Not to mention Late Night Pie – the lot next to Fbar and the empty lot across the street – tons of potential in that immediate area

    I expect big things once the developement on Fairview is underway

  • Block next to Fbar
    Late night pie
    bunch co block
    block across from fbar
    2 or 3 mechanic shops

    THis area is primed for big time change – whole foods to the east – fairview development to the west

    Midtown North