New Owner of Avalon Square Apartments on Westheimer Near Kirby Plans To Keep Renting Them Out

Avalon Square Apartments, 2400 Westheimer Rd., Upper Kirby, Houston

A note and FAQ sheet sent to all residents of the Avalon Square Apartments at 2400 Westheimer Rd. last Friday — informing them that the 3-story, 5-courtyard compound is now under new management — does not mention the property’s sale or identify Peak Real Estate Management as anything other than the new management company. But a representative of the firm tells Swamplot that it is also the property’s new owner, and that upgrades are planned for the 210-unit complex, not demolition. Avalon Square, which sits on a 3.72-acre site stretching between Dickey Pl. and Argonne St., was built in 1974; it last changed hands 7 years ago.

Photo: Justin McMurtry


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  • Lived there during Allison, and let me tell you, while it was fun to watch Westheimer turned into an impromptu rushing river from the balcony in that picture, it wasn’t fun for the people whose cars were stuck in the underground parking garage. I’ve heard rumors that the place turned into a dump since then, so I hope new management does bring it back to a decent place to live. The location is great.

  • I’ve seen a lot of apartments built around that time (1970’s), and lived in a few. But I can no longer stand to live in a place with 27 coats of paint on popcorn walls, single-pane aluminum windows, bare minimum insulation (with matching $300 electric bill in August), low ceilings, and dated appliances (both ugly and inefficient). Especially after I finally bit the bullet and rented a more expensive, but brand-spanking new apartment down the street from several of these relics. I can tell you, the euphoria is comparable to when you finally buy a brand new car instead of a used one. It’s why I understand the allure of building a brand new home out in the sticks rather than purchasing an existing one in the city, though this inner-looper chooses not to go that far with it.

    Don’t you at some point at least have to gut, remodel and modernize a complex like this? Of course, with the cost of that, demolition and new construction would be competitive options. I would think that especially in this part of town (i.e. not Sharpstown), the dated look of the building would suppress rent prices, given the brand new complexes all around. Or has this complex been particularly well cared for in relation to its peers?

  • A 2/2 1000 sqft unit without in-unit laundry for $1700 a month is a bit much, big deal about the location. “Want” and “need” to live in that area are mutually exclusive, seems to me one could do better. It wouldn’t be my first choice, I think I could do better if I had to.

  • Ah the memories. My father designed the master landscape plan for the developer ( Wayne Duddlesten). They were in the parking lot and Harold Farb rolled up to see his then mistress , Carolyn Friedman Schulman. Mrs. Farb was ensconsed in nearby River Oaks. My father did the landscaping planning for many of the major developers : Gerald Hines ( Galleria 1- he introduced the then new concept of adding seasonal indoor/outdoor decorative plantings and convinced Mr. Hines to line the whole super block with Post Oak trees,which today surround the Galleria 1,2,3 ); Wayne Duddlesten ; the Finger family: both commercial / apartment projects and their private residences – one was on Memorial Dr @ Friar Tuck. Thank goodness the new owners are upgrading the complex.Fred Rizk ( most notably the Three Fountains complex along Fountain View Dr. btwn. Westheimer & San Felipe Rds. He did the Richmont Square complex at 1400 Richmond Ave. for Wayne Duddlesten. My father occasionally mentioned that the developers never budgeted enough money for landscaping. Which the astute developers later realized added an aesthetic value which translated to higher rents. Thankfully Gerald Hines sort of set the bar higher . That was one of my fathers many gifts to Houston.

  • Started there in 2005 with a 1/1 720 sf at $525 and $720 when I left in 2011. For the price and location it was a great place to live. Sure the appliances were dated but that wasn’t a big deal. Never lost power during Ike.

  • These apartments aren’t long for this world. You can take that to the bank.

  • Well guys I have heard from an extremely reliable source that the complex will in fact be torn down in the summer of 2015 ( next summer ) and that 2 high rise condominium towers will be built. One is a Randal Davis tower, 35 stories tall and the other is going to be a Sky House tower, except a luxury version of Sky House…it is going to be 42 stories tall. I am really excited about these projects. Also, the same source has told me that Antique Pavilion is going to be torn down (yes Berry Hill is going too) and that a luxury high rise is going to be built. Not a lot of details on that project right now.

  • Sure hope they put traffic lights at the Westheimer and Alabama ends of Revere if they build a tower or three -can barely move there right now.

  • I still don’t see the project that jane was talking about in the summer of 2015….

  • Moved from a 1-1 690 sq ft this past October. Lived there for 15 years. Started in a 2.5 bed/2 bath 1000 sq ft (and a roommate). Over the years I’ve seen the property go down and made sure to voice my concern. Not that it made any difference, but the management before the current team started to modernize the place. Finally got rid of that horrible black and gold hallway carpet in the common walkways. But the current management team have been great upholding a standard and always a sharp maintenance system. Finally had to move away after they’ve finally priced me out. When I moved in that 2.5bed/2bath was $1,000/month ($500 each with roommate). My 1/2 was the same after moving down the hall alone. Then gradually with each lease renewal it slowly went up. Upon move out the rent for 690 sq ft was at $1200 with utilities insurance etc. $1.73 a sq ft is just obscene to pay for a space that I felt I’d really outgrown but the price of a 2 bedroom was just nowhere in reach of my monthly budget. Forget it! As much as I hate to move, they had finally priced me out. Even after I had completely remodeled the place on my own dime. What really sucks is that anywhere decent you’d want to live is going to be the same scenario. Minimal sq ft and a comma in your monthly rent rate. New or dated structure. The place I found has been….well let’s judt say I miss Avalon Square about now. Certain requirements from the leasing team I always thought should be the “price of entry” if you’re gonna call yourself a property management company. But apparently not. The game has changed now and Houston is officially one of those cities that’s considered “expensive to live in.” And for no other reason than its dense population…supply and demand.