New Park for Greenspoint


Redemption Community Development Corp. has raised $10,000 out of $75,000 it needs to turn a 16-acre site at 822 West Greens Road from a gang hangout to a park: “The corporation selected the site just [west] of Interstate 45 because it is surrounding by low- to moderate-income apartment and mobile home communities that do not have easy access to recreational facilities, said [RCDC executive director Evelyn] Ogletree. To take a property utilized for less-than-positive purposes and transform it into a park has been a long-standing dream. The ‘phase one’ park plan includes a covered basketball pavilion, playground, nature gardens, walking/jogging trail, benches and picnic tables.” The remainder of the funds will likely come from grants. [Houston Chronicle]

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  • Why will making this piece of land a “park” make it any less of a gang hangout? (Not that I don’t love parks–I just don’t see them as particularly effective at, say, stopping crime.)

  • RWB, I totally concur with your point. Unless there are armed patrols at said park once it’s completed, the gangs will assume an ownership role at the park.

  • I guess it will go from a vacant lot gang hang out to a pretty park gang hang out. Poor Gunspo- er Greenspoint. They tried so hard to revive it as “Cityview” and Lord knows they did everything they could, but you can only go so far in trying to make chicken $h!% look like chicken salad.

  • where in bloody hell do you see gangs i dont you rubish people are mad and racist. its make me sick, i dont even think yal live in this area, well go Greenspoint it acutally is beatuiful, it just need a metrorail, well the whole city does.

    best wishes,
    the greenspoint hippie Saul=)