New Post-Harvey Assistance Funds for Homeowners; Verizon 5G Experience Lab Opens in Former Texas Junk Spot

Photo of Buffalo Bayou Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool



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  • 5G has been slow to roll out. I’m in the loop but keep getting that it’s not available for my neighborhood near NRG. Oh well, just signed up for ATT in the interim.

  • Junk warehouse becoming a 5G lab is a cruel world. Good riddance trose.

  • I have always rolled my eyes a bit at people who are always jumping on the Chron for every little flub they can find. However, that article about walkable spots in Houston looks like it was generated by an algorithm. Forget about squabbling over whether strip malls like Uptown and River Oaks shopping center are “walkable” (they are not). The slideshow just devolves into a bunch of random entertainment spots in Houston (GlowZone? Axe throwing? Escape Room?). And then there are pictures that don’t match the caption (North/South Blvd is Montrose?).

  • Old School, the Broadacres part of North and South is still in 77006, which probably explains the “Montrose” tag. I think that everyone agrees that the southern border of Montrose is 59.

  • @Old School, I just hate that “walkability” is defined by distances from surrounding shops regardless of how treacherous that distances is and how utilatarian those “:shops” actually are. The montrose may be close-in, but you’re not going to be walking around with the family taking care of all your chores here without jeopardizing everyone’s safety.
    Can’t say how impressed I’ve been with West Houston and the Memorial/Dairy Ashford area. Walkability has been off the charts compared to Montrose and the majority of restaurants & shops are actually affordable for regular usage.