New Sicardi Gallery Gets the Go-Ahead

After a 3-year delay, construction is ready to begin on the new Sicardi Gallery at 1506 West Alabama, catty-corner from the Houston Center for Photography at Mulberry St. and across the street from the Menil parking lot. A groundbreaking ceremony was held yesterday. There’s been at least one design change from Brave Architecture’s earlier versions of the project: The latest rendering (above) shows a large window in the building’s formerly blank south-facing forehead, looking onto the parking lot in front.

Rendering: Brave Architecture

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  • That’s the making of a gorgeous block…

  • What will happen to the old gallery (which is a cool mod structure on Richmond–with very limited parking)?

  • I think you must mean it’s catty-corner to the center for photography center if you believe the redundant local signage.

  • The gallery is currently housed in a building on Richmond Ave., just east of Kirby but will relocate to its new building on Alabama (across the street from the Menil parking lot) next Spring.

  • *yawn*

    Seen it.

    This is no more original than a Centex cracker box.

  • RE My Mod House comment, priceless! May I use that from time to time?

  • Robert, they don’t own their current space, so it will probably just be leased out to someone else (unless McClain is looking to expand).

  • Can’t they be more creative with the design of the building? Boring! I thought Photography is supposed to be art?

  • I have followed this story with thrillful anticipation– but doesn’t that design seem disappointingly “Brutalist”?
    I dig the shape and the proportions, but without windows it looks like a telephone switching facility, or a sewage sub-station in an upscale neighborhood

  • I look at it and I just don’t get it…….must be good art!