New Single-Story Homes in Westwood for Baby Boomers; Riding the Buses to Galveston

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  • Certainly not quite the Westwood neighborhood that sprang to mind when I read the headline!

  • Del Webb has a better concept with a community with pools, recreation centers, activity director, only over 55, etc. Del Webb’c concept is great, but too far from the city center, plus the homes are low quality Pulte homes. The home sizes in the Del Webb communities are the right size though. I see the Baby Boomer homes as too large and expensive.

  • Uhhh, why isn’t Culberson insisting that Harris County residents have a vote on the 290 expansion plans? You could use the same argument as against rail that the reconstruction of the feeder roads hurts the businesses along the route. But we know why.
    20 years from now people in NW Harris County will be wishing we had included room for commuter rail tracks along 290, and it will cost billions more to build that project.

  • Culberson is Da Debble! Mama says so!

  • This builders story is just a means to free publicity. Many people and builders build lifestyle based housing products for the “baby boomer” generation, across the country. There is nothing unique about this concept.

  • Re: Galveston bus ride

    I think that recreating the trolley from downtown Houston to Galveston would be quite popular with families, weekenders, and cruise passengers. The drive through 45 construction sucks, as does its perpetual traffic, and dealing with parking once you’re on the island. Bus times are a joke in this city, so I am not surprised it takes 4 hours to go from one city center to another within the same metro area. I live 2.5 miles from my downtown office, and the shortest Metro solution is a 33 minutes, not counting wait times at bus stops.

  • @Mark H: The Dell Webb concept is great, but they seem to require that residents conform to a particular lifestyle.

    @ws: Yes, there have been well-planned AND affordable Baby Boomer (or senior) lifestyle-based communities in other parts of the US and in Europe for years. Question is…why has it taken so long for builders in the Houston-Gulf Coast area to recognize the need for them?