New Stages Repertory Theatre Breaks Ground; Downtown’s Only Indoor Cycling Studio Debuts

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  • Why should anyone take a jade-helm rumor spreading conspiracy theorist seriously? Abbott is a loser. Give HISD money back and shut your d#$n mouth.

  • Abbot’s letter drips of election year politics. By shifting the focus to local officials, he ensures that the republican-voting flood victim voters won’t actually see that its the state has done only the bare minimum for Harris county. If we public anger for the state’s response was enough to sway his re-election, we’d be awash in state money to help. Shifting the blame to a local Democratic mayor / centrist republican county judge only ensures that he is no held accountable and is a smart political move … but one that’s disingenuous, morally bankrupt, and actually impedes progress.

  • Re: Gov. Abbott Criticizes Houston for Response to Hurricane Harvey
    I criticize him and his staff in return. He really needs to stop basing his policies over a printed book filled with ink and paper.

  • RE: Governor Abbott Criticizes Houston and Harris County for Harvey Response

    I’m not normally a fan of County Judge Emmett but I will praise his actions to sign the letter asking for state help in maximizing federal matching funds. I will also applaud him for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Mayor Turner in seeking help for our area people in recovering from Harvey.
    Governor Abbott should be trying to help solve the issues rather than posturing. Voter memory may be short but Harvey was so devastating that people cannot forgot. Those that are still rebuilding remember EVERY day while the rebuilding is happening.
    Pure irony that the governor is “protecting” the state’s rainy day fund – and our figurative roof has gushed water. As Turner asked: “What are we protecting it for?” That should go in an attack ad along with the tag line: “Governor Abbott doesn’t care about Houston or Harris County,” (tip of the hat to Kanye West)

  • Who’s ready to drive to the gym to ride their stationary cycle?

  • Wolfie said: “Pure irony that the governor is “protecting” the state’s rainy day fund … ”

    …. the same fund that Perry raided to give massive handouts to his ‘buddies’ at the end of his governorship. Expect the *ss-hat Abbott to do the same, but not to Houston

  • Re: Abbott
    I’d like control over my own body. I should have the same rights as people in CA, WA, OR, etc. Just because you don’t share the same beliefs doesn’t mean you should restrict my rights.

  • Abbott is a Houstonian and he certainly cares about Houston. This thread oozes liberal boilerplate. I grew up in Houston and I love the city, but Abbot is right. I didn’t vote for Turner the first 70000 times he ran for mayor and I won’t vote for him next time either. Lanier was a good Mayor, Brown was a joke, White was a very good mayor, Parker was horrible and Turner isn’t much better. He didn’t show great leadership during Harvey, he should have called for an evacuation, he dithered. Abbot is no fan of Turner.

  • I’ve been in that house in Dallas on Strait Lane, its horrible. The WH is beautiful, but there is no need to replicate it…in red. It was so over the top and gauche and seemed to have been decorated by Anna Nicole Smith. It’s like the house The Beverly Hillbillies might build. I have to say tho; its so Dallas. Big, brash, and gaudy.

  • Maybe this is a bit simplistic, but Harvey was a rain event. Isn’t that EXACTLY what a Rainy Day Fund is for?

  • Guessing Abbot wants more guns on the street now that 9 kids died in a local school shooting? Probably will make it easier for people to buy guns now. More guns = less blood

    Vote him out!

  • @Thayer: I agree. Abbott tried everything he could do to save 9 kids lives. You shouldn’t hate gay people by the way. They are humans just like you and I.

    Enjoy those Budweiser you drink. You have zero class. Smoking leads to cancer by the way…

  • HEB: Did one of Thayers comments get deleted? Where do you see he hates gay people, smokes, or drinks Budweiser?

  • @HEBisPissed, there is no need to stereotype @Thayer when given low hanging fruit like this: “he should have called for an evacuation”