New Swimming Pool Bar Next to Navigation Cement Plant Now Holding Water, Waiting on Liquor

Coming soon to the long-vacant lot next to the Cemex cement plant on Navigation east of Lockwood: El Segundo Swim Club, a swimming pool bar shown still under construction but already watered in the photos above. Work on the 1,350-sq.-ft. pool and its surroundings began last July, 2 months after an entity connected to developer Matthew Healey bought the property on the corner of Avenue L and N. Edgewood St. The photos above look over the barbed wire up on the corner of Avenue L to show the 15,000-sq.-ft. yard planted with umbrellas, chairs, a hammock, and a converted shipping container.

A view from N. Edgewood St. shows the freight container fronting the pool:


TABC signage posted earlier this month on the fence reveals beverage permits are in the works for the coming dive bar. Healey tells CultureMap he hopes El Segundo will be ready by the time beach season rolls around, after some additional landscaping and furnishings — including cabanas — round out the space at 5180 Avenue L.

Cemex’s plant is on Navigation just east across N. Edgewood St. from the planned pool site. The photo below looks northwest from Navigation to show the western end of the plant and the east side of El Segundo just beyond the telephone wires on the left:

Southern Crushed Concrete operates its own smaller industrial yard as well just north of the pool and adjacent to Cemex’s site, which hugs an oxbow in Buffalo Bayou.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Going off the beaten path today is really beating a path for tomorrow’s wave. This is gonna draw people who have never been over there..then those upper avenue bluff lots further east will start changing hands.

  • Serious question: wouldn’t the business liability insurance for a bar with a pool be extraordinarily high? And if so, how does this guy make a decent profit from his investment?

  • This place is going to need some serious TLC before people ditch their apartment pools where you can BYOB.

  • Sounds like a great place to swim in drunk people’s pee.

  • A 40×40 pool and a shipping container, plus an entry fee. Who is the targeted consumer? Look this place up on an aerial, its El Industrial.

  • Yea, the area is pretty loud from the crushed concrete plant and the Cemex plant plus all the associated heavy trucks. There’s also a lot of dust suspended in the area when the weather is dry. This sounds pretty ill conceived.

  • Looking forward to checking it out. Glad to see more investment, and destinations in the area. Good for them.

  • It looks like it be an ideal Homeless camp!

  • I predict a ‘Chris Rock’ scenario… Grand Opening! Grand Closing!