New Walmart Opens Near the Heights

NEW WALMART OPENS NEAR THE HEIGHTS This one’s to the north: The brand-new Walmart next to Northline Commons — the new, more parking-lot-friendly version of Northline Mall at I-45 and Crosstimbers — opened yesterday. The biggest-box store joins recent Northline newcomers Marshall’s, Ross Dress For Less, Office Depot, Conn’s, The Children’s Place, Verizon, Foot Locker, Shoe Carnival, Al’s Formal Wear, Urban Zone, Rainbow Fashions, Foot Action, Dollar Tree, and a relocated Palais Royal. [PR Newswire] Fake-looking photo: Berenson Associates

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  • Meh, still too far away for me. When’s the one in the Heights supposed to open?

  • Great news, Rice! Soon you’ll have three walmart’s to choose from, all within ten minutes of your home. Aren’t you lucky!

  • Where *was* the relocated Palais Royal? Can’t think of any in that area. Northwest Mall maybe? Haven’t been to that mall in years and years.

  • @ PYE …. Palais Royal was there when it was Northline Mall. They were a tenant in the mall.

  • Only 3? What I want to know is when Walmart is going to pull their finger out and really try and saturate the market. They should look to Whole Foods as an example. Once they are finished with currently planned stores there will be 5 Whole Foods within the same radius of my home.

  • Yeah, Jimbo, and we all know those late-night hold-ups and drug deals at Whole Foods can be really troublesome.

  • @LandGuy,
    When did they move into Northline?

    I lived in Lindale Park years ago, in the early 70’s and I shopped at Northline. I remember Wards and (I think) Joske’s but I don’t remember Palais Royal being there. Later, in the mid 70’s I moved over near NW Mall and shopped that PR and Foley’s all the time.

    I’m thinking that Palais Royal was not in the Northline Mall in it’s early years, but I may be wrong.

    Back in the late 60’s we used to go to the Shakey’s Pizza in the strip center nearby. Pizza places were not on every corner back then like they are now.


    Palais Royal was @ Northline Mall at least since the 90’s. I think is was previously named Beall’s. My mom and I used to work at the Houston Community College there. It was for sure still open when the wall collapsed in 1997. I was there that day.