New West U Buffalo Parkway

NEW WEST U BUFFALO PARKWAY West University Place’s Zoning and Planning Commission recommended a proposal Monday night to be sent to City Council, which includes a zoning ordinance amendment that would allow driveway stubs and parking areas in front of homes on Buffalo Speedway. A 2003 amendment allowed such driveways on Kirby, Bellaire/Holcombe and Bissonnet, but not Buffalo Speedway. Upon moving to West University Place from the Champions area, [Belma] de Berardinis immediately forecasted a traffic snarl in front of her home and tore up her front lawn with the intent of building a paved maneuvering area. City officials delivered the news that, under West U. law, this was not permitted. De Berardinis had the lawn replaced and every morning . . . confronted angry motorists as she made the dangerous drive in reverse onto traffic.” [West University Examiner]

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  • This is the primary reason that residential driveways for new development aren’t allowed on major thoroughfares.

    Even with that, we still have lots of older residential areas where this situation exists. While many will disagree with paving over a portion of the front yard, safety does trump the loss of some grass.

  • I grew up in a single family home on a very busy Houston street (equally as busy as Buffalo Speedway). I learned to drive while living there and I learned to back into a busy street. Nobody in my family ever had or caused an accident there. However, it would have been much nicer to have some maneuvering space (nicely landscaped of course).

  • What an baffoon, and she bought the home, so much for reading the deed restrictions first.

  • Another possibility to consider would be a C-shaped driveway (if the lot is wide enough). Besides, they’re usually aesthetically pleasing to look at, and makes your house look a bit more grand. :-)

  • Zoning had always prohibited two curb cuts on Buffalo Speedway, which is what the owner actually started to construct. This work was done upon the assurance from J Daugherty Realtors that it would be allowed. (Anything to get a sale.) The City has since allowed a short stub in the front as long as it “looks like a lawn.” Not really a clear solution for either side.