Next from NexCasa: Kung Fu Panda Spring Valley Modern

Rendering of 8571 Westview Dr., Spring Oaks, Spring Valley, Houston

A reader points out that NexCasa — the company responsible for the Kung Fu Panda renovation covered here yesterday — has two more properties on Westview: another “‘flipper’ type ranch” one block east, which comes with owner financing — and this “ultra modern” new construction across the street.

The new construction at 8571 Westview, which our source says is “pretty far along,” will have 5 bedrooms and 5 baths in 4200 sq. ft., and is listed at $999,000.


Interior Rendering of 8571 Westview Dr., Spring Oaks, Spring Valley, Houston

More from Swamplot’s informant:

The NexCasa clan seems to live and work in the two older homes along Westview, and they have two new matching Lexus’ with all of these terrible looking “Houston Pre Foreclosure” magnets on them, and one of them has the vanity license plate “4-clos.”

Renderings: Nexcasa

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  • Do they mention anywhere in the sales material that the house has a great view of the traffic light a Bingle and Westview?

  • I think it is a great location, nice lot, and a clean modern design, but for 1 million dollars, I dunno, maybe $700,000 instead.

  • For $999,999 I would expect a better lot on a quieter street. I love the design, actually, and would love to have that specific house on my own lot. But they should be marketing the house for around $850k to $900k in this market. With the credit market shrinking, and a limited market for a specific modern design, I don’t think $999k will be the selling price.

  • That price is sheer lunacy for that location. On a busy street like Westview, that close to Bingle the price is naturally diminished 20-30% lower than comps not on Westveiw or especially Bingle. What do they do, sit down and try to make sense out of tea leaves to come up with a selling price? And some people say builders aren’t disjointed. I really like the area, but not on a thoroughfare, steps from another busier thoroughfare.

  • If you drive by there, you’ll notice that the redo with Kung Fu Panda in the back yard has the exact same red cedar (?) siding and gray stone that their modern new home across Bingle has, creating an odd “mini-me” effect.

  • It feels like they’ve been working on this house for ages. Every time I drive by, like one more board has been nailed in and that’s it. Also, it looks quite crooked in person. Someone didn’t use their T-square…

  • That price in that area???
    I don’t think so. Bad corner!