Next to the Last Organic Outpost: A Few More Notches in the Fifth Ward Farm Belt

The Lower Fifth Ward urban farm known as the Last Organic Outpost is set to expand again from its growing campus at 700 Emile, reports founder Joe Nelson Icet:

We are presently working on the Buck Street expansion and hope to get more dirt soon to add to the existing 32 beds we already have growing.

Across the street from the 711 Emile gate, there is a lot up for public auction March 2nd that we hope to farm in the near future. This lot is currently being used for dumping. Also at 4610 Gunter, there is a lot that has been cited by the city for high grass. We would like to take stewardship of these lots for creating a 5th Ward Farm Belt.


Here’s a map showing the new lots, across the street from the Emile Community Farm:

Exploring Icet’s growing organic compound in the shadow of the old Comet rice mill, Chronicle columnist Lisa Gray comments:

It was hard to imagine that two years ago these acres were thoroughly unloved. Asphalt and junk – including about 80 abandoned cars – covered the site of the razed housing project. Now, Icet said, it’s one of the most fertile land masses in the city.

Images: Last Organic Outpost

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  • Lesson learned:

    Raised housing projects contribute more to society as an urban garden.

    I’m sure there are more run down housing projects that can contribute!

  • “Razed” is the word you’re looking for, I think. It ironically has the opposite meaning of its homophone, “raised.”

  • Or raised as it will raise it’s value in the community through its contribution.

    Actually, I screwed up and didn’t use razed.

  • Oooh so excited to see a story about this place. If you want to see something truly inspiring and unique in Houston, check out this little urban farm. You can also support their efforts by purchasing greens and other seasonal goodies from the last urban outpost at the Discovery Green market each Sunday afternoon – I’ve been enjoying their spring onions for the past few weeks. They harvest the goodies Sunday morning on their way to the market – what can be fresher than that!! Go Houston!