Nine Harris County Polling Places Making Up for Late Starts with Late Endings

NINE HARRIS COUNTY POLLING PLACES MAKING UP FOR LATE STARTS WITH LATE ENDINGS Texas civil rights groups wasted no time suing the county today over delays that kept polling places closed past their mandated 7 a.m openings. At John Marshall Middle School on Quitman St., “poll workers were locked out of the building until 6:47 a.m.,” reports the Texas Tribune‘s Alexa Ura. And when they got inside, technical problems stalled things even further. As decreed by a county judge, the location will now remain open an extra hour — until 8 p.m. — along with 8 other problem spots: Iglesia Trinidad church off Cypress Creek Pkwy., Metcalf Elementary at Queenston and Little York, Evelyn Thompson Elementary near Greenspoint, the Hampton Inn at Wash Ave and the Katy Fwy., the Fiesta Mart between Kirby and OST, the Allen Parkway Village community building, Lone Star College’s Cypress Center campus on Clay Rd., and HCC’s Alief Center on Bissonnet St. [Texas Tribune] Photo: Houston ISD

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  • Awesome, hope to see more of this with people quick to sue cities and counties over these boondoggles. It’s already unnecessarily difficult to vote in the first place so it’s up to these administrations to ensure the sham / faux democracy lives on until we can fix the larger structural issues.

  • Hilarious. The TV news drones were pimping this as though LBJ had just found a cache of votes down in south Texas. Big deal when 8 or 9 of a thousand places have a hiccup. Also, anyone working in an office knows that it takes an army of IT weenies to keep the computer systems marginally operational. That there were so few problems in Harris County is a testament to the good work that they do.

    On the other hand, paper ballots and fingers dipped in purple dye are the only way to do proper elections.

  • Joel, voting was easy. Hats off to the volunteers!