No Deal for Bridgeland

NO DEAL FOR BRIDGELAND Bankrupt General Growth Properties won’t be selling its Grand Parkway-lining sprawlchild to the Caldwell Cos. after all. The $95 million deal to sell Bridgeland’s 11,400 acres is off: Jim Graham, General Growth’s director of public affairs, released a statement on Wednesday saying all discussions have been terminated with parties interested in purchasing or investing in Bridgeland, but would not disclose any further details concerning the negotiations. Graham says the decision was made ‘very recently.’” [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot]

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  • What really bites is how this new development messed up the roads out there south of Cypress.
    Toss your maps.
    To quote an old joke, “Ya can’t there from here!”

  • How did it mess up the roads?

    You mean House Hahl Road? That’s the only existing road they touched and it’s because they own the property on both sides.

    Access hasn’t been denied to anyone.

  • No, kjb434, access has not been denied to anyone. But folks in the area expect roads to stay where they were put!
    Developers changing names and re-directing traffic messes people up. There are folks who cannot deal with it… They are not young, switched-on, or fascinated with RE developments (though, they may be paying a whole lot of taxes.)
    And before you say “well screw them!” I say it is unrealistic (un-conscionable?) to expect every driver to have info regarding new developments and TXDOT updates before they head to the store.

  • Well screw them! It is unrealistic to expect that there’ll never be detours.

  • So all the streets renamed in downtown need to go back? Those evil developers, oh wait, that was our local politicians.

  • People through out all time have dealt with roads changing names, locations, and sometimes disappearing completely. Sure the first time it might be confusing, but you adapt. No big deal.

  • Technically, a permanent change is NOT, by definition a “detour”, The Niche.

    As to “screw them”, just a trashy waste of bandwidth by you. Please be respectful on this forum, even if you don’t care about our rural neighbors. Just commmon courtesy.