No, Dunkin’ Donuts Is Not Coming to the Corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy

NO, DUNKIN’ DONUTS IS NOT COMING TO THE CORNER OF WESTHEIMER AND DUNLAVY Did yesterday’s announcement that Dunkin’ Donuts plans to open 16 new franchises in Houston over the next 5 years add fuel to the persistent rumor that one of them is headed for the recently cleared northwest corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy in Montrose? A leasing agent who says he’s negotiating with “a couple of very strong retailers” to get them into the new 4,829-sq.-ft. center planned for the site by owner SFT Investments is ready to quash it. “I will tell you that at no time were we in negotiations with Dunkin Donuts,” Jed Mandel of Edge Realty Partners tells Swamplot. “I do not know how that rumor was started but I still get phone calls on the property begging us not to put them in.” [Swamplot inbox] Rendering: Edge Realty Partners

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  • Good.

    Type 2 diabetes abettors…

  • The only type 2 diabetes abettors that matter are the people who freely choose to consume unhealthy foods at a rate that is bad for them. Plenty of people enjoy an occasional donut without turning into lardsacks.

  • “I do not know how that rumor was started but I still get phone calls on the property begging us not to put them in.”


    Southampton Syndrome has spread to Montrose…

  • Bring on the Dunkin Donuts. I will pre-order 10 dozen blueberry cake donuts. I think the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy would be ideal for this.

  • Unfortunately, “very strong retailer” probably translates into “generic national chain store” rather than some interesting or unique Houston business.

  • I was at Brasil last night on the patio. When I looked across the street and it made me sad to see rubble on this perfect montrose corner. I’m not too fond of the design planned there but PLEASE let the tenants be suited for the neighborhood.

  • My bets for the “very strong retailer”:

    1. “A community owned non-profit Marxist-Leninist bookshop” (33%)

    2. “CVS” (33%)

    3. “Starbucks” (33%)

  • Oh Larry! I want in on this. I propose additions to your list of:

    Jamba Juice
    An Urban Outfitters One-Off Brand
    Mini Walmart (I kid)
    This area is sorely missing out on it’s fair share of strip-center nail salons and drycleaners too.

  • The old Taco Cabana (now Smoothie King) at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose was strongly considered for a DD the last time they tried to enter the market. Would that have been more or less of an afront to all things Montrosian?

  • Ugghh…who designed that? Why is nearly every new building that goes up so mediocre? Why does no single developer in this town seem to care about design? And I just love how they tore down a building that was perfectly fine while a burnt out shell of a building still stands next door.

  • Tracy,

    The burned-out former gallery has been demolished now, too.

  • So what are you complainers doing about getting good design and shops that you want? Commenting on Swamplot isn’t accomplishing what you’re after.