North by Northwest: Cranking Out Joe V’s Smart Shops Numbers 4 and 3

Any truth to the rumor — a reader wants to know — that the former Kmart space near the Burlington Coat Factory in the shopping center on the west side of Hwy. 290 near 43rd St. is going to be a brand-new H-E-B Market? Some, it turns out. It’s going to be the third-ever Joe V’s Smart Shop, H-E-B’s Scott McClelland tells Swamplot. (The first Joe V’s — H-E-B’s new bigger-store-with-less-stuff-for-less-money grocery format — opened last year on Antoine near Veterans Memorial.) A fourth Joe V’s is slated for the northern reaches of Shepherd Dr. near I-45, at Victory Dr.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Is that better or worse than HEB Pantry? How many versions of HEB ARE THERE?

  • Doesn’t ‘joe v’s’ sound a bit like ‘trader joe’s’
    Ahhh, marketing.

  • omg, I live right there. Best news ever! Good scoop Swamplot!

  • Does it keep the incredibly annoying HEB layout?

  • the touch of Joe V’s hand cures cancer.

  • Incredibly annoying? HEB is laid out just fine. Moving to the Heights from Rice, the only downside was losing close-by access to the fantastic Buffalo Speedway location.

  • Just a small note: The Burlington Coat Factory is a former Kmart. The soon-to-be Joe V’s is actually a former Service Merchandise.

  • V is for Vato, that’s good enough for me.

  • So glad I found swamplot I kept wondering what they were building next to Burlington and this was the only blurb I found on Google Like!

  • Kmart? Isn’t that space the old Service Merchandise. Seems odd that if it was a Kmart it would have been so close to the one that now formerly sat at W18th and TC Jester

  • John – yes, it is the old Service Merchandise. The two K-Marts did coexist, if I recall correctly, the one on TC Jester closed because of flooding from Allison before the 43rd/290 closed.