North Montrose Whole Foods’ Rendezvous with Groceries

Opening date for the brightly colored new 40,450-sq.-ft. Whole Foods Market on West Dallas and Waugh: June 22, the company reports. What about farther afield? A Whole Foods spokesperson says the company has no current plans for a store in Katy, but Nancy Sarnoff reports sources have told her the grocery retailer “is in negotiations to put a 30,000 square-foot store at the corner of Grand Parkway and Fry Road.”

Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • Finally! I drive past this a lot, and it’s looking very done on the outside. It will be great to have a grocery store on this side of town that doesn’t suck. West grey kroger is cramped, disorganized and the employees are rude. Target is an ok alternative but I would never buy fresh ingredients there, no matter how much they market them to me with coupons.

  • I do agree that W Gray Kroger employees are a-holes and it’s always packed. I also hate Whole Foods… I can never find my regular brands of stuff (soap, toothpaste, cereal) and prices are unjustifiably high.

  • Amen to that short of the outrageous prices it will be a welcome addition, and will save me a lot of time not going to Revival in the Heights, but I’d really much prefer a nice HEB like bunker hill. Krogers is ok if you’re looking to pickup River Oaks house wives, and can deal with their lousy meat department.

  • Most “regular” brands don’t meet Whole Foods’ quality standards. Their prices are usually appropriate for the actual quality of products they sell.

  • That’s their marketing that makes people actually believe that. Buying local does not better food make… smaller farmers usually have inconsistent product, “organic” food is actually statistically morel likely to be unsafe due to lack of pesticides and more likely to have salmonella because of use of manure in growing. As far as taste goes, many blind tests have proven that there is absolutely no difference.

  • It depends on what one means by regular brands. I can always find Tom’s of Maine toothpaste/soap, Silk soymilk and a wide variety of Tofurky products at WF, to name a few usual purchases. If one is looking for Irish Spring and Cocoa Pebbles, HEB is a better option.

  • I wasn’t just talking about produce. I eat meat, but I actually care about how the animals are treated prior to slaughter. Whole Foods has minimum livestock care standards AND everything is labeled with exactly how far beyond the minimum ranchers etc went. That’s worth slightly higher prices to me.

  • “organic food is statistically more likely to be unsafe due to lack of pesticides.” Aren’t pesticides poison? Less poison means safer food? I suspect there is a link to a Monsanto website that backs up the pesticide theory.

    Glad to see Whole Foods opening in Dallas. I would rather buy sardines at Whole Foods than feel like a sardine packed in at Kirby.

  • Oh for God’s sakes–do we have to have these ridiculous grocery store war posts? If you think
    Kroger’s staff sucks, don’t shop there. If Whole
    Foods is too expensive, don’t shop there. Make soap
    in your bathtub, slaughter a chicken in your garage and grow some tomatoes in your backyard.
    Or shop anywhere else. Grocery store posts seem to
    be like anything about the sanctity of The Heights–it goes on and on and on

  • Oops. should have said “on Dallas”. I don’t give a crap about any Whole Foods opening in Dallas.


  • Of course, if you were talking produce then Whole Foods are pretty much the antithesis of buying local. The vast majority of Whole Foods organic food is sourced from a relatively small pool of corporate organic farming outfits. They throw in a couple of token items from local farmers and then plaster the whole display with “Buy Local” marketing and hey presto, we all thing we’re helping the little guy.

    And water is poison, if you drink enough of it. To make a blanket statement that pesticides are poison is nonsensical. However I’m sure somewhere there is a Greenpeace website that backs up that theory.

  • Fine. I have a challenge: I will drink eight cups of water and you can drink eight cups of Monsanto’s Round Up. I think we will find out which one is poison in short order.

  • If you want to buy local produce, I’ll bet the best place is the produce market on Airline. You’ll probably save a ton of money as well.

  • @ Jimbo –
    I’m with you regarding ‘buying local.’
    Whole Foods does not buy locally, but rather insures maximum profit by using wholesalers & trucking. [I know this first-hand as a local rep for a food product.]
    But, I don’t support your “water is poison, if you drink enough of it” spiel to suggest that pesticides are okay.
    If you suck down any one food to the lack of all other nutrients, it could also kill you.

  • Putting a store at Grand Pkwy and Fry would be just fine with me. The shopping choices here in Katy are getting pretty boring.

  • Second vote for Airline. There are also some fun farmer’s markets around the city on various days if one is good with seasonal eating. I find going to such fun excursions. Going to HEB or Kroger is more like a necessary chore.

  • yep. I go to whole foods for a lot of my stuff, however I go to the produce market on airline for all my fruit and vegetables. I can get everything I need for $15 there, and get a churro at the bakery across the street as a reward for buying all my healthy food :)

  • Gosh, the W. Gray Kroger employees are always extremely nice to me, but I wish they’d give up on the “Hollywood Kroger” spiel. Oh, and get rid of those damn bells at the checkout counter to ‘reward’ your checker.

  • @oldschool, I have a different challenge. If I buy locally grown produce that has had a pesticide sprayed on it and you buy organic produce that has been trucked here 1500 miles from California, who is producing less toxins?

  • “From SJ:
    If you want to buy local produce, I’ll bet the best place is the produce market on Airline. You’ll probably save a ton of money as well.”

    Very little of the produce on Airline is ‘local,’ it’s the same tripe picked green, ethelyne gased and sent to the big distribution centers and then the chain grocers. Airline Dr. just cuts out the chain.

  • You naturalists go to Revival.

    Those without a conscience and price driven there is Fiesta

    For those who want a nice middle there is HEB and to a lesser degree Kroger

    Whole foods is just hyped, it’s every bit about making a profit as anywhere else. And assumed benevolence is a great sales point, but have fun enduring the additional price you’re paying for your monsanto free conscience pleasing food.

  • > “organic” food is actually statistically
    > morel likely to be unsafe due to lack of
    > pesticides…

    You mean unsafe to the consumers, but what about the growers, harvesters, and surrounding ecosystems?

    > As far as taste goes, many blind tests…

    Uh-huh. But in any case, I don’t know anyone personally who buys organic food because of the taste difference. It’s the perceived health difference.

    It’s also true that the local produce in the Houston area is for the most part pretty dismal, to the point that I don’t bother with the quote-unquote farmers markets, but this is not good agricultural land so I wouldn’t expect anything different.

    Nonetheless, WF has high quality meats and also Vital Farms eggs. Those eggs alone are worth the trip.

    And frankly, if you think turning cows into carnivores is a good idea, you’ve really got to stop reading Liberty magazine. Jeebus, just take a look at their annual “Membership demographic survey” and you’ll see the light…

  • I got hired to work at the Montrose Whole Foods, it DOES indeed open on the 22nd. Just got back from my first day of new store orientation today. We’re going to have a great staff! Make sure an tell all your friends.