Not Going to Memphis: Former Rocket Shane Battier Puts His Southampton Home on the Market

Listed just last week for just under $1.8 million: the maxxed-out home in Southampton that NBA star Shane Battier and his wife, Heidi Ufer, bought just a couple of months after he joined the Houston Rockets in 2006. Battier was traded back to the Memphis Grizzlies this past February. A few pro basketball players who’ve spent time in Houston have held onto their homes here, but Battier is putting this one up: a quaint little 1905 farmhouse-looking thing expanded and tricked out by previous owners to just under 6,000 sq. ft. Sure, there’s the media room, the game room, the commercial-grade appliances, the big barrel-armed furniture, and the earthy tones straight out of NBA interior design school you’d expect to find here, but there are a few surprises too:


Like this cozy 2-room wine cellar, decorated with these unusable French Oak barrels. And yes, it’s in an actual Houston basement:

A place to hang your jerseys:

Upstairs, there are 5 or 6 bedrooms, depending on who’s keeping score. The home has 4 full and 2 half baths.

It all fits on a 7,440 sq. ft. corner lot, leaving a fenced side yard along Wilton.

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  • Enormous, but it actually looks quite charming.

  • That reminds me, I was driving down Banks ST. (16OO OR 1700 block?), and there was a HUGE whole in the ground. I’m not sure but it somehow reminded me of something they call basements up North.

    And I really like their house. What is that little mini picket fence in the backyard for?

  • Dang. I was hoping he’d get traded back here, retire, then run for Congress. (Kinda disappointing to only see ~20 books, though.)

  • More barrel arms than books.

  • I wondered about that little fence too.

  • Miniature horses, just out of camera range.

  • Overpriced for the lot size. Might be able to pass it off to a jock sniffer though.

  • For $1.8 million I would want a little more dramatic entry. Including a stair case instead of just stairs,. But, well, it’s in Southampton. Some just want to live in Southampton. And will apparently pay whatever they have to to live there.

    For $1.8 million you could probably do similar in River Oaks and probably get a stair case too.

  • What’s up with that kitchen sink?

  • #9, sally—

    Check out photo number 10 on the HAR listing. Farmhouse sink.

    Kitchen arrangement does not look efficient to me, especially with the fridge off “over there”.

  • Do we know what his stance on the Ashby Highrise was? Did he have an anti-Ashby sign in his yard?

  • The little fence could be a dog run. We have utilized something similar in our backyard to keep our lazy dog away from the kid area. She could easily step over it, but why? I am pretty sure I heard her verbalized the dog version of “meh” the first time she saw it.

  • Might be a good idea to take down the pennants with your kid’s name before photographing the room for a public real estate listing.

  • I laughed at the picture of his kids room. Zeke! What a name!!

    I’m fondly reminded of the numerous “Zeke’s” that graced Gary Larson’s The Far Side. To Gary, “Zeke” was a dogs name…

  • “Dramatic entry?” It’s a house, not a community theater production.

  • Er, it’s not like his kid’s name is a closely-held secret.

    It’s a shame to see him go. Battier is such a class act.

  • Regardless, Zeke is a funny name, though it’s certainly not a bad name.

    I also find it sad that we seem to make a bigger deal over wealthy celebrities who act in a classy, responsible manner, than we do the one’s who are jerks, and act like fools! Society has changed much… or has it?